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Mirrors: Rafael Pajares

1972 ,  Madrid,  España Who are you? Someone trying to be happy. One of the things that make me happy is to take photographs. What is it that took you to see the world through a lens? My uncle Peter … Continue reading

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Being a foreign and a stranger, and melt into that temporary feeling.

It all starts with that irrepressible desire and will to break from your beloved routine and change perspective. To see different landscapes, hear new sounds, taste and smell unknown flavours. To be a foreign and a stranger, and melt into … Continue reading

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MIRRORS: Nina Voulis

1987, born in Moscow (Russia). lives in Ghent (Belgium). now in Copenhagen (Denmark). Who are you? A photographer, as probably most of the Lonely Walkers. An adventurer, to some extent. Or maybe rather an explorer. I’m curious, I like to … Continue reading

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Fridays are for readers: The New Yorkers

I was sitting on a train, a 4-hour trip ahead of me (that eventually turned into 6), and a book to keep me company. I wanted something “light”and “simple”, words that could serenely flow and enliven my little journey. The … Continue reading

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About gazing at inspiration, reading quotes in a bookshop and dancing on the beach.

Inspiration is everything around us. Inspiration is life and colours. I find inspiration in every single breath I take and every single smile I share with someone (or with myself) Inspiration is doing what you like doing. My inspiration are … Continue reading

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MIRRORS: Gosia Janik

1978, Częstochowa, Poland. Currently: Madrid, Spain Who are you? I am photographer, not very talkative. I was born in Poland, but now I live with my boyfriend – also photographer – in Spain. I love to learn new things, although … Continue reading

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“facing” walls… again…

Some time ago I wrote about the French photographer JR and his artistic work all around the world “wallpapering” cities with portraits of their citizens. We could see fabelas with eyes and walls mixing representatives of different religions in areas … Continue reading

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