MIRRORS: Gosia Janik

1978, Częstochowa, Poland. Currently: Madrid, Spain

  • Who are you?

I am photographer, not very talkative. I was born in Poland, but now I live with my boyfriend – also photographer – in Spain. I love to learn new things, although it’s very hardto teach me something since I am the worst pupil in the world. Well, I wish I could have more patience for my masters. Everybody considers me a very calm and reasonable person. I think the same, and maybe exactly this quiet nature draws all kind of wicked situations which turn my world upside down every couple of years.

  • What is it that took you to see the world through a lens?

I was always looking for a tool which could help me to express myself better, since I’ve never liked to talk too much. I went through lots of things: playing guitar, spirituality, drawings… and one day I opened the wardrobe, where my mum was guarding all my dad’s photo equipment (he died when I was very young). And the adventure began.

  • What do you write between lines?

Photography always was a kind of therapy for me. It helped me a lot to understand my feminity, to notice my strong and week points, to see how the body can be a beautiful form instead of a source of complexes. I would love if people portrayed in my photos had the same experience as I have..

  • What can we see in your mirror?

I am not a conceptual artist , I don’t have any important messages to transmit. All I want toachieve is to capture the essence of the moment, the real nature. I am tired of faking smilesand stunning beauty which doesn’t come out from the inside..

  • Define you in 5 words.

FEAR: my fears eat me up

FIGHT: every day I fight with them and try to get rid of them

SILENCE: I enjoy the silence, I enjoy exploring it

LAUGH: love to laugh!!

SLEEP: I definitely sleep too much…

  • Define you in 5 pictures.


  • Tell us the quotes that describe you best.

Cannot find any…

  • Recommend us a photographer (or as many as you want!)

Diane Arbus, Julia Margaret Cameron, Jan Saudek, Wojciech Prażmowski…And my favourite: Fernando Ocaña

  • Your motto?

“Practice, practice. All is coming” Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

  • Where can we see you?




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