Being a foreign and a stranger, and melt into that temporary feeling.

It all starts with that irrepressible desire and will to break from your beloved routine and change perspective. To see different landscapes, hear new sounds, taste and smell unknown flavours. To be a foreign and a stranger, and melt into that temporary state and feeling.

Then a ticket, a small luggage and my camera. I jump on a train, enjoy the hours of the trip anticipating the pleasure of my exploration and the joy to see two dear friends of mine.

Torino – Milano – Zürich.

I fled from Italy’s first capital on the day of the 150th anniversary of its unity, fled from the crowd, from the celebrations, from all the things I know so well and that I am so used to. My curiosity demanded more.

I spent four incredible days in Switzerland. Grey and rainy and cold days. Days of smiles and laughs, of unexpected encounters and little precious moments. I was a tourist but at the same time lived just like I were a Swiss – a blissful state for the traveller.

I got the chance to visit some beautiful places and cities. No matter the rain, they revealed their peculiar charm, one made of quietness and tidiness, of dark shades and sudden outbursts of colours, of a perfect balance between modernity and tradition, industry and nature.

Zürich – Milano – Torino.

I came back enriched and satisfied, and a feeling I hadn’t experienced for a long time. Walking through the streets of Torino, I fully enjoyed its beauty, so different from the one I had admired in the previous days. But that feeble voice is always there, asking for more, for difference and new illusionary buondaries.


About Marta Favro

Full time employee in an online marketing agency, photographer and traveller (not necessary in that order). Graduated in English Literature. Passionate of long walks in the Nature, cats, books, music.
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2 Responses to Being a foreign and a stranger, and melt into that temporary feeling.

  1. Nina says:

    Beautiful story, Marta. I believe this is the way we want our travels to be, light, full of tiny bright and maybe somehow unexpected moments. Discovering something new, and at the same time feel – not home – but at least welcome. Beautiful story, and – how not – beautiful photos!

    • Marta Favro says:

      I totally agree with you, “perfect” journeys are made of little treasures, a moment, an encounter, a light… it’s a physical travel, but also a journey of the soul, for you always come back enriched. It’s feeling good in the place you are visiting, discovering that you can feel at home even when your home is far away.
      Thank you so much for commenting, Nina.

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