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A walk in the parks

Lately I have been trying to re-descover Torino, and walk through its streets with different eyes. After a funny night walk to capture Christmas light installations, this time I spent a whole afternoon walking through its parks, alone with some … Continue reading

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Giving in.

The last notes of song are lingering in the room, resonating in the heart. You have tried to keep your balance, hovering on a hedge between unknown shores and possibilities. Sometimes life gets in the middle, and you chase that … Continue reading

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A night stroll around Torino

No good resolutions, just acts. That’s my challenge for this newborn year. I started with the one thing that I lamented the most, of not having shot around my city a lot and consequently not enriched our The Lonely Walkers … Continue reading

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A secret view of Barcelona

When someone says Barcelona you immediately think of summer, walks on the Rambla, beaches and night life, and sun, sun and more sun. That’s what I think about most of the times too. The first time I went there was … Continue reading

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Nature and Photography

When I first began my journey as a photographer I primarily shoot nature, for a series of very practical reasons: first, I live in the country, so I just have to step out of my doorway and find tons of … Continue reading

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Round trip tickets: Zürich

It’s not a secret that here at the Lonely Walkers we like travelling, and when money and time allow us we grab our luggage – and our cameras of course! -and head for some destination we fancy to go to. … Continue reading

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Street Photography: a good read

We’re recently been talking about street photography here at the Lonely Walkers, and we would love to dig down deeper into this particular field. Firstly, because our photo project that gave birth to this blog live on street photography; and … Continue reading

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