Your words about TLW…

Thank you all for your participation, directly and/or indirectly. We want to thank all the emails and words of support received by friends and strangers, the great feedback got by the interviewees and all the people supporting the project. They make it worth all possible effort.

So we want to share them with you all. Feel free to tell us anything you want to, any idea or suggestion, any word… We want to hear you.

Leave us a comment here or write to



Some already said:

“It’s been a pleasure to participate in a project like this. I’ve enjoyed answering each question like if I was a kid. They’ve made me think about more than one thing about myself and that’s been wonderful. You’re creating something and it’s going to grow up little by little till the moment you’ll feel tremendously proud of what it’s become.” Manu Ramos.

“It’s been an intense process in which I didn’t expect to know me better. The truth is that there are issues that you think you know and you don’t question them too much. Your interview made me get a little bit in my inner self, more than I’m used to. So thanks for helping me to investigate about myself. I’ve answered calmly, a little bit everyday, like the one who “tastes” a book, little by little, to make it last longer and to understand it better.” Janira Muñoz.


11 Responses to Your words about TLW…

  1. Lunares says:

    Ha sido un auténtico placer colaborar con vosotros. Muchísimas gracias por contar conmigo!! Espero que esta sea la primera de muchas colaboraciones 🙂

  2. Alicia Rey says:

    I was really excited when I saw my interview in there – I was like, NOW I can call myself a PRO! haha

    Thanks for your work, it’s really sensitive. I’ll surely recommend it to my friends 🙂

  3. rashmikamath says:

    ‘challenging the idea o distance..’ love that line!

  4. I love the idea of your blog. Think people should probably stop and look around a bit more. Seems that each time I show someone a photo of a place I know they’ve visited several times they are always so surprised of that place being beutiful, scary or any other emotions. Quite interesting that they never saw that before.
    I like your work by the way. Usually find wedding photos a bit boring but I do think I glanced through most of them.

    • Emma Espejo says:

      Thank you, Marcus. Very interesting indeed when you are able to show a different view of an ordinary or well-known place to others, and more interesting when it’s shown to people who know you, like some of them didn’t expect that view.
      Thanks for your comment and words, it helps to keep working hard and feel there’s people enjoying and taking profit out of this project (besides us! we love our work!) Thanks again!

  5. Really like your project and how you are building a positive community through your passion of photography

  6. Amy Lloyd says:

    Dear Emma and Marta, I just found your blog and LOVE it! I am a huge fan of art, with B&W art being one of my favorite things! I also love beautiful words, and thoughts about life! Yes, we are each on a personal journey and our choices and thoughts are so important.
    I have taken my love of the things above create, and publish, an inspirational newsletter, called Songs from the Valley. I am wondering if I could feature you guys, and your awesome art, in an upcoming issue??? Check out my website at the past newsletter issues are on the right side under the year.

  7. from seeing drawing as meditation by Frederick Frank: “You say you will see God one day. Fool you shall never see what you don’t see today. (close) Your pics are beautiful. Thanks GD

  8. wordpuker says:

    Walking alone is the only teacher

  9. Jody and Ken says:

    Hello, Emma and Marta–Are you still blogging about photography and your experiences. I think things must be quite hard in Spain right now. I’ve enjoyed both of your photographs and I’d like to continue seeing more if possible. Thanks. Ken

    • Emma Espejo says:

      Hi, Ken! Thank you so much for your words! It reminded me how much I enjoyed working on this blog and how many people used to read us. Things are very tough in Spain, yes, and other things take my time and attention but I really miss my work here. We’ve been working on our photography anyway, but maybe not that actively. I’ve been doing some things. Will post about them soon, hopefully!!
      Thanks again, for your comment, it reminds me how important this is, as well.
      Emma and Marta

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