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The Journey

It’s late on a winter’s day and the boat has set sail. The assuring shore is slowly fading away in the night, swallowing everything in its darkening cold blue, and earth and sky are melting into each other in a … Continue reading

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Slow down

I’ve recently read an interesting article by wedding photographer Jose Villa about some advice for young photographers entering the business. I love Jose Villa‘s work, and I love his approach to photography, because it’s all about enjoying what you’re doing, … Continue reading

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I remember an eleven-year-old me during one of my first English classes. That day we were learning how to give directions: turn left, go straight ahead, cross the road, etc. Until I saw that word, through. And I immediately thought: I will … Continue reading

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I share therefore I am.

I was talking about photography with a colleague of mine at work a few days ago. She was asking for some advice on which DSLR camera to buy and if I knew any courses that might help her learn more … Continue reading

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Fridays are for Readers: Small Change*

*It’s the LITTLE Things in Life that Make a BIG Difference! – by Susan & Larry Terkel. How many times have you longed to completely change your life? The starting of a new year and the end of your summer … Continue reading

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Starting anew – life as a photographer

Holidays are over, I’m back to normal life. Or maybe not. I love holidays because they end, but in doing so they always leave you something: good and bad memories (not all holidays are perfect, unfortunately), tons of photographs, new … Continue reading

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The 21st century in images

I am a passionate reader of French quarterly revue XXI. It’s a greatly interesting magazine about real journalism and reportages, a deep look into the themes proposed in every issue. I have been reading it since its very beginnings, travelling to France to … Continue reading

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