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Live your dream and share your passion

May the new year be filled with love for ourselves and for each other. May we fully live our dreams and passions. May there be light to bright up our darkest days and warm our souls. We wish you the … Continue reading

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“Now” is also “so far” and how to approach a new year.

I remember once, I was told not to talk about future plans but always about what I had already done. Because we are not what we are going to do, we are what we have done. Future plans and projects … Continue reading

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The story behind it

I’ve recently been asked on Twitter by @MastinStudio: I love your photo of the people on horses crossing the mirage. What is the story behind it? It took me a while to express what was behind this photograph – especially … Continue reading

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defining, deciding and launching! new website!

This last week has been so stressful for me… And it was a bank holiday!!! I was enjoying some days migrating from a friend’s house to a friend’s house, enjoying the time with them and laughing as much as I … Continue reading

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Fridays are for readers: Bristol Riots

It’s the weekend again and this week we would like to suggest you a photographic book, but a very special one: Bristol Riots. New technologies and the Internet have changed and are still changing our lives, and the way we … Continue reading

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Dream big, it’s Christmas time.

Today it’s bank holiday in Italy, but it’s not just a day off from work. It’s the day you decorate your Christmas tree. So here I am, surrounded with decorations all around my house, struggling with lights on the tree … Continue reading

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Something went wrong… or maybe not?

December has come at last, soon it’ll be Christmas and the year will finally come to its end. Inevitably, we end up thinking back at what we did during all these months, whether we achieved our goals or – why … Continue reading

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