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MIRRORS: Enrico Ghiberto

1985, Torino (Italy). Currently: Houghton, Michigan (USA) Who are you? I’m a vet and I was born in 1985 in a small town near Turin (Italy). During my study I got the opportunity to travel around the world working. I’m … Continue reading

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About the people who creates the #spanishrevolution.

Last week I talked about a new movement known as “#theSpanishrevolution” (or #15M’s movement among other) and, hopefully, you’ve heard something about it in your own country’s media. They say people got out in the street asking for a real … Continue reading

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Yellow, orange and a touch of red

Yellow, orange, a little bit of white and a touch of red. The colours of summer, the colours of happiness. Sometimes you feel discouraged, you happen to live dark moments, especially when you’re just at the beginning of the road … Continue reading

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Rights, Democracy and PEOPLE.

You want to know what’s going on? READ THIS Today I’d like to talk about something different… I’ve always been a melancholic person thinking old times were better… many years ago our parents and grandparents went out in the street fighting … Continue reading

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Une agréable surprise à Barcelone.

Meeting with other photographers helps me to get to know new perspectives of photography. It helps me to understand what is it that they look for, what is that they want to do or achieve and even what is their … Continue reading

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Filming Photography: Into the Wild (Sean Penn, 2007)

If you are in love with nature and naturalistic photography, then this is the movie for you. And I obviously couldn’t choose another one for my first post about the Filming Photography series, as there is no other film that has … Continue reading

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Hard work and smiles

“DSLR cameras are hard work!” Some days ago I heard a shop assistant saying this sentence to a woman who wanted to buy a new camera and couldn’t decide between a bridge and a DSLR.  I was standing in a … Continue reading

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