Mirrors: Rafael Pajares

1972 ,  Madrid,  España

  • Who are you?

Someone trying to be happy. One of the things that make me happy is to take photographs.

  • What is it that took you to see the world through a lens?

My uncle Peter let me take pictures with his camera since I was little, over time I took my own photos and finally it has become a necessity.

  • What do you write between lines?

I want to tell things only with photography, that someone brings near to my photos without being biased by a text indicating what to look or what he is watching, I want them to imagine and look with their own eyes.

  • What can we see in your mirror?

Cities, small details, streets, buildings, I look in all directions, towards each cardinal point. I like empty spaces without people, I find things that others would go unnoticed, or so it seems.

  • Define you in 5 words.

WITNESS: I’ve been doing photography for a long time, I try to move forward with it, do not always get what I want but I pursue my dream of becoming a great photographer someday.

LOOK: I want to see my particular look in each photo, have my personal style, that anyone can look at my photos and know I took them.

CAMERA: I love having my camera in hand, always going out with it, to collect them, I have about 40 cameras from which I still use several.

TRAVEL: To meet other countries, other cities, other cultures. Looking through my camera and enjoy new things and places to photograph.

HAIR: I wear long hair and long beard, It is an important part of my personality, I do not remember me without them.

  • Define you in 5 pictures.

  • Tell us the quotes that describe you best.

“Shooting is to place the head, eye and heart on the same route.” Henri Cartier-Bresson

That is how I feel photography, a lot of heart in every shot.

  • Recommend us a photographer.

There are many, but I choose Chema Madoz, his imagination, the quality of his images, make me fly. It is so original and poetic…

  • Your motto?

Today I will take the final picture.

  • Where can we see you?

On the streets of Madrid or trying to see the world, always walking with my camera in hand.


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