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Street Photography: Sidewalktalk

It’s one of those days when you surf through the Net with no purpose, reading bits here and there, following one link after the other while checking your Twitter timeline to see if any one of your contacts has posted … Continue reading

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Street Photography: a good read

We’re recently been talking about street photography here at the Lonely Walkers, and we would love to dig down deeper into this particular field. Firstly, because our photo project that gave birth to this blog live on street photography; and … Continue reading

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Street Photography: The meaning within the image

Here we are again talking about street photography and expanding our visions with the first of what we hope will be a long series of contributions. Thank you to Giovanni for taking time to write this post and share with … Continue reading

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A day out with Béa

It was a warm spring day and I had just bought my new Nikon D700. I was thrilled to use it and make it my camera, and to experiment on a field that – I must confess – I haven’t particularly … Continue reading

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Peaceful invasion

Last weekend Torino was invaded by military forces. Peacefully. Every year thousands of members of the Italian Alpine troops joined together for a 3-day celebration, and this year it was Torino’s turn. The streets were swarmed with people wearing a … Continue reading

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MIRRORS: Birgit Kippner

1968, Linz/Austria. I lived in New York for eight years. I have been living in New Zealand for the last eight years. Who are you? I am a person with a lot of sensitivity and the ability of reading in … Continue reading

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About difference and the self.

Again, it’s time to talk about the conclusions I got over the past few days… Last weekend’s workshop with Jasmine Star and the people of creativelive helped me to don’t feel alone in photography. Yes, I’m saying “alone” although it … Continue reading

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