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Full time employee in an online marketing agency, photographer and traveller (not necessary in that order). Graduated in English Literature. Passionate of long walks in the Nature, cats, books, music.

Look up, the sky

I walk head down, counting the steps, counting my breaths and my heartbeats, feeling my lungs expanding and contracting, my muscles tensing under the effort. I walk but I am going nowhere, I am running in circles, and I feel … Continue reading

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A walk in the parks

Lately I have been trying to re-descover Torino, and walk through its streets with different eyes. After a funny night walk to capture Christmas light installations, this time I spent a whole afternoon walking through its parks, alone with some … Continue reading

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Thank you

This was the third time that The Lonely Walkers has been Freshly Pressed here on WordPress, and it’s always such great happiness and bewilderment for both Emma and I. This time it was my turn with my post Winter Enchantment. … Continue reading

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Winter enchantment

I love winter, and I love snow even more. What I love less is temperatures falling down to  -18°C, especially when it’s 8 am and I am ready to go out with my camera… though I perfectly know that without … Continue reading

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Giving in.

The last notes of song are lingering in the room, resonating in the heart. You have tried to keep your balance, hovering on a hedge between unknown shores and possibilities. Sometimes life gets in the middle, and you chase that … Continue reading

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A night stroll around Torino

No good resolutions, just acts. That’s my challenge for this newborn year. I started with the one thing that I lamented the most, of not having shot around my city a lot and consequently not enriched our The Lonely Walkers … Continue reading

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One year, ten photographs

I have always believed that in order to move forward you sometimes need to stop and look back at what you did, so to keep things in the right perspective and really become aware of the road you have travelled … Continue reading

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The Journey

It’s late on a winter’s day and the boat has set sail. The assuring shore is slowly fading away in the night, swallowing everything in its darkening cold blue, and earth and sky are melting into each other in a … Continue reading

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The story behind it

I’ve recently been asked on Twitter by @MastinStudio: I love your photo of the people on horses crossing the mirage. What is the story behind it? It took me a while to express what was behind this photograph – especially … Continue reading

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Fridays are for readers: Bristol Riots

It’s the weekend again and this week we would like to suggest you a photographic book, but a very special one: Bristol Riots. New technologies and the Internet have changed and are still changing our lives, and the way we … Continue reading

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