Thank you

This was the third time that The Lonely Walkers has been Freshly Pressed here on WordPress, and it’s always such great happiness and bewilderment for both Emma and I. This time it was my turn with my post Winter Enchantment.

We would like to say a mega giant THANK YOU to all of you who stopped by and took some of your time to read through the blog and send your lovely comments. We read every single word you write, and they are very much appreciated. We couldn’t reply to each one personally, the comments you left are so many and time is so little, but rest assured that each one was received with gratitude and a smile.

I would also like to thank you for sharing your impressions about the photographs, which one you liked the most, how you felt about them and what they conveyed to you. It’s so great to get to know how the photographs “talk” to you, to discover the multiple interpretations and stories that lie behind a single shot. This is what we are trying to do on The Lonely Walkers, telling stories through the art of photography, and we are extremely grateful when you leave your impressions.

I have also been asked which camera and lenses I use, or I have been told that were you live there are not such beautiful places like the ones I portrayed in my photographs. Whoever you are, wherever you live and whichever camera you have, beauties can be found anywhere. We are so used to rushing through our lives that we too often forget to take our time and see the world around us with different eyes. You don’t have to travel the world to capture nice photos, nor you need the coolest camera equipment. No matter if it’s winter or summer. It’s all about how you see the world and what you feel. Just go out there and express your visions. Open the door and embrace the world.

Your words and likes and visits encourage us to go on with our work, and we hope to inspire you to go out there and chase your dreams, whichever they are.

Thank you again, from the bottoms of our hearts.


About Marta Favro

Full time employee in an online marketing agency, photographer and traveller (not necessary in that order). Graduated in English Literature. Passionate of long walks in the Nature, cats, books, music.
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9 Responses to Thank you

  1. Marina says:

    This was a such a lovely little note! I have really enjoyed looking at your photos. They put me in the mood to travel and practice my own photography!
    😉 Marina

  2. Marta Favro says:

    Hope you have fun out there taking photos! 🙂
    Thank you for your words, Marina.

  3. ceciliag says:

    What a lovely thank you. I was one of those who chose to wait until all the hullabuloo was over before I said how much I love your work and because of you being freshly pressed we have found you! wonderful.. I am looking forward to your next post! c

    • Marta Favro says:

      Thank you Cecilia for your lovely comment and for taking the time to read and write. I hope you’ll like what’s coming next. 🙂

  4. On Bended Creek says:

    Congratulations on a well deserved honor.

  5. No, thank you for your writings and images.

  6. thestm198 says:

    You both are awesome. I recently went through some of your posts and loved them loads. And your posts deserve to be in ‘Freshly Pressed’ ! 😀

  7. Marta Favro says:

    Thank you all!

  8. Emma Espejo says:

    Thank YOU ALL!!! We are so warmed and happy to see this response from you all. It means a lot! Thanks for your comments, for letting us know you are there and that this is going somewhere^^


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