Winter enchantment

I love winter, and I love snow even more. What I love less is temperatures falling down to  -18°C, especially when it’s 8 am and I am ready to go out with my camera… though I perfectly know that without those temperatures I wouldn’t have been able to rejoice at the view of two iced lakes. What a fascinating scene!

Last week I spent a funny and beautiful morning photographing around two lakes not far from where I live. It started out as a cloudy morning, then slowly turned into a glorious sunny day. Though it was freezingly cold, I was so wrapped up in joy at taking photos that I didn’t feel it that much (or was it because of the 3 sweaters and warm heavy trousers I was wearing?!)

These are some shots of the day. Put on your coat, it’s going to be very cold!


About Marta Favro

Full time employee in an online marketing agency, photographer and traveller (not necessary in that order). Graduated in English Literature. Passionate of long walks in the Nature, cats, books, music.
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300 Responses to Winter enchantment

  1. These photos are stunning! They remind of the silence and peace of winter. 🙂

  2. Marta Favro says:

    Thank you! So glad that you like them and that they convey you such feelings. 🙂

    • wild17 says:

      Hi i’m Jaclyn and I must say I love your pictures here and your story about winter and taking pictures of it. how it makes you feel. I feel so captivated and moved by your words. please write more things like this. Is so moving. and I must ask you this, how did you get people to read and comment on your stuff. I’ve been tring to do that with mine and so far no one has noticed any of mine. any advice? thanks and what a good piece of work. you should write a book about something to do with winter.

  3. filispines says:

    What beautiful photos! In my country, Lugo (Galicia, Spain) cold (non much as i) and also makes beautiful images: the ice fields and covered with a pure white mantle. Seeing your photos I remembered the image of this morning. greetings 🙂

    • Marta Favro says:

      Thank you for your comment! I am happy that you liked the photos and that they made you remember the white fields you saw where you live. I am sure it must have been breathtaking!

  4. Jayati says:

    i could actually feel the chill just by seeing the pics 🙂
    amazing work !

    • What she said! The one photo of the single sparkle in the snow reminds me of a story I wrote about an ice fairy. Beautiful. We have not had any wintery stuff in Indiana this year to photograph. Enjoy 🙂 AmberLena

  5. joyfulwise says:

    I hate winter but you make it look pretty. 🙂

  6. I just LOVE the third from the bottom photo with all the sun bokeh dots. So pretty 🙂

  7. Nothing hurt says:

    These are perfectly wonderful! I especially love number 7 on the list. Congrats on the FP!

  8. Sunny Sodday says:

    There is reason why people say, a picture says a thousand words. You pictures speak.

  9. Dounia says:

    Wow, beautiful photos. The scenery looks so serene and magical. Thanks for sharing and congrats on being freshly pressed!

  10. Anika says:

    Absolutely beautiful 🙂
    Snowfall is a rare occurrence where I live, but these pictures are exactly what a perfect winter is like in my imagination!

  11. pikabrian13 says:

    These pictures are remarkable! 🙂 Great job!

  12. Raaj Trambadia says:

    Ohh !! Who doesn’t love snow !! 😀 And the pics are awesome 😀

    And please check out my latest post on love –

  13. thanks for the tour! enchanting indeed.

  14. C-Swizzle says:

    thats a beauty……. nice photography 🙂

  15. Funny how just a few photos can make me fall in love with winter… 🙂

  16. Snapshooter says:

    Oh, my. These are absolutely brilliant. The starkness of the winterscape, contrasted with the bare branches…just brilliant. And the first one? Love the mood of the black and white.

  17. Absolutely stunning images! So stark and yet serene. GORGEOUS!!

  18. niki says:

    These pictures are so beautiful…I really enjoyed this post!This winter we had lots of snow and cold. Right now it’s beginning to melt but it was wonderful…everything white and sometimes frozen.

  19. beautyinvoid says:

    beautiful shots! I love the peace and calm of snowy or cold days. Everything takes a break from rushing around to huddle up and stay warm.

  20. Love these. I feel like we’ve missed out entirely on winter this year in NYC. I never thought I’d miss snow!

  21. Love the one of the bright sun on water and the twig poking out of the ater delicately holding snow.

  22. WoodRtist says:

    I love winter pics…..great photos


  23. meg895 says:

    I am a winter lover as well and have missed it terribly in NYC this year. Thanks for reminding me of how beautiful winter can be!

  24. I do not have heavy winter here in Central Virginia and am not crazy for ultra-cold, yet thanks for the stroll into your world today. I invite you to visit my blog where my photographs and essays portray my passions.

  25. Magnificent! As a desert dweller, (though high desert we do get snow it just doesn’t hang around) it’s nice to remember lakes and water in the winter. The one of the footprints reminds me of a question my coach would often ask, how are you walking in the world?

    • Marta Favro says:

      That’s a great question, and it’s something we should think about more often. I am happy that my photograph reminded you that.
      Thanks for sharing you thoughts and comment.

  26. You’re right, we can feel the cold, you’re very talented….

  27. Huffygirl says:

    You certainly captured winter Marta. Lovely photos. congratulations for being Freshly Pressed.

  28. Fin says:

    These are some beautiful photographs! Sadly, Winter never managed to hit Northern Virginia very hard this year… Or at all, really.


  29. thoughtofvg says:

    I also love winter-but in moderation. It’s always nice when spring finally arrives. My favourite photo is the one of the frosted branches, thank you 🙂

    • Marta Favro says:

      We probably wouldn’t rejoice so much when spring finally arrives if we didn’t have winters. 🙂 I confess I am longing for spring to come, yet winter makes me savour more its arrival.
      Thank you for your words!

  30. fivecats says:

    Beautiful set of photos of a winter walk.

  31. nowickcandle says:

    Beautiful pictures!! Makes me ‘almost’ like winter!

  32. Gorgeous photos! So jealous you have snow!

  33. wthreason says:

    absolutely beautiful! I miss winter 😦

  34. you have inspired me to put on my coat – we have fresh snow and the temperatures are not too bad. love your work!

    • Marta Favro says:

      I hope you’ll enjoy your walk through fresh snow, I am sure it must be simply amazing out there right now. Enjoy every second of it!
      Thank you for leaving your words.

  35. makingmade says:

    Just gorgeous! I love the ones that show the wide open space and snow. The closeups are beautiful too!

  36. Sarah says:

    These pictures are stunning! They perfectly capture a feeling of stillness and quiet. Isn’t it funny how there are some really lovely pictures to be captured on some of the most bone-chilling days? “Impressionism,” “Pointing down” and “Ice blind” are my favorites although the whole set is lovely.

    • Marta Favro says:

      I personally think that beauty is everywhere, sometimes it is a bit more hidden, but it’s always there for us. We need to train our eyes to see the world differently, take our time and savour the moment. We are so used to rushing around all day long that we miss beautiful little things.
      I am very happy that you liked the photos, and thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  37. asqfish says:

    Subahallah! The hush of winter! Where do you live? Lonely walks are the best to commune with the Art of the Creator.

  38. carol says:

    All right !!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Eric G. says:

    Reblogging, this is gorgeous! Wonderful job

  40. Eric G. says:

    Reblogged this on My Life / Eric Gray and commented:
    These are absolutely amazing pictures. WELL DONE

  41. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    Absolutly Beautiful…
    each tell a story if one listens…
    Thank you for sharing ,

    Take Care…

  42. Awesome photography!

    I love it! Thank you for posting!

    …following your blog…

  43. Sarah says:

    Gorgeous! We haven’t had much winter here in the south at all. 😦 I’m missing it very much.

  44. Rebecca says:

    Beautiful. I absolutely love winter. Thank you for capturing it so beautifully. Where were these taken?

  45. writingisl0ve says:

    Reblogged this on writingisl0ve.

  46. diddadowrite says:

    I love, love , love your photos. I love winter and this catches many of the reasons why. Would it be ok for me to repost one of your pictures on my blog? I blog about many things, but one of the main things I blog about is being single, I think the 10th pic. from the bottom, would make a perfect visual for one of my upcoming blogs. I would of course link back to your blog!

  47. Tony says:

    Marta, very nice work! Beautiful. I really enjoy them. Thank you for sharing it. Will stop back and visit.

  48. heyesphoto says:

    Very nice, I like the last picture the best. I did a similar photo walk a few weeks ago:

    What lens did you use? 85mm?

  49. akwoman says:

    I love the open water juxtaposed with the ice and snow. Seems impossible and is so lovely with the reflections. Very nice photos…thanks for taking us along on your chilly morning walk!

  50. Animockery says:

    Amazing photos, they really capture the feel of winter.

  51. wow, this is excellent work the angles are precise and i love the tone of day you were able to capture these photo in. I do appreciate the damp nature this word provides us with, it’s comfortable and soothing like scenes like this were you can sit back and just think -,o

  52. Lora K. says:

    beautiful! what location?

  53. Java Girl says:

    I love how all your photos set the mood of peace, softness and serenity. You’ve captured that quite well. at least to me upon viewing them. Great job and have a wonderful (and warm) weekend! 🙂

  54. Grumpa Joe says:

    You captured the essence of cold exquisitely. I got the shivers just looking. That photo of the tree hanging over the lake with the sun shining through is amazing.

  55. Such beautiful photos! I am a WordPress photographer as well, so I absolutely love when I see posts like this! Great job.

  56. Congratulations making Freshly Pressed!

  57. Ryan says:

    Great photographs! Congrats on freshly pressed!

  58. vixviews says:

    Beautiful! Thanks so much for braving the frigid weather, and posting great shots!

  59. Wonderful photos. It might as well be winter here but I rarely see such landscape!

  60. amelie88 says:

    Love the winter pictures! I hate cold and I hate snow (I’m from New York and we usually get plenty of both during the winter… though I have been in Spain the past 2 years). But sometimes a nice winter walk can be worth it!

  61. the777man says:

    Wow! The thing about winter it is so beautiful especially when you can capture it from the warmth of your home… Thank you for sharing I love the artistic value of the 3rd from the top the trunk and roots going into the lake! It is very interesting to the eye! Love that! There are some other awesome ones but that one really stood out! They are all beautiful! Sj

  62. the777man says:

    Oh by the way I forgot to mention I love the photo in your banner!!! That is awesome! sj

  63. Beautiful. There’s a sensation of loneliness.
    A perfect portrayal of winter.

    Quiet solitude – a solitude one can take comfort in.
    Loneliness is the absence of something, and winter is simply the lack of heat; a cold summer.

  64. selectedout says:

    winter is so beautiful!

  65. I’m actually a little heartbroken looking at your lovely photographs. I thought I was lucky that we had a mild winter but now I’m not so sure. I forgot how beautiful winter can be when you take a moment to look at it rather than just suffer through it.

    Thanks for sharing this with the world!

  66. arislazuardi says:

    wonderful photos! i love the chill feeling and some sort of peacefulness when i looked at your pictures! not to mention the quality of the pictures itself. stunning job!

  67. pnwauthor says:

    Absolutely stunning. I can see why you braved the cold.

  68. Suzi Smart says:

    Great job. I love the light!

  69. Todd Materazzi Photography says:

    I liked each of these as a reminder for us to be still and enjoy nature – cold or warm. Great series.Thank you for sharing

  70. scribblechic says:

    Despite the evidence Winter, I feel only warmth in your images. Enchanting, indeed.

  71. Azubaha G says:

    I am also very much like to live on winter with snow and i think you enjoyed a lot with you photography.

  72. Steven says:

    Great shots! I’m from Chicago, where the winters aren’t this beautiful. If only they looked like this, maybe I’d change my mind about January…

  73. iz1photos says:

    Awesome pictures! It’s winter here as well, but the snow (especially on branches and trees) melts pretty quick this year! You can see it in the morning, but gone by afternoon. Global warming! Sigh~

  74. shelley168 says:

    Such beautiful photos! I love winter, and I love snow even more.Great job.

  75. your pictures bring me to a different place! beautiful

  76. Sarah Harris says:

    These are great photos! I love how the snow looks like sugar frosting! These photos make me miss seasons SO bad!

  77. finnegan2749 says:

    Very nice photo blog !!!

  78. Thank you! I have a fascination with snow and ice, but I live in a tropical clime where the only ice crystals I see are those building up on the walls of my freezer. I can’t even begin to image how cold this sort of cold actually feels, but I’m glad you braved it to snap these beautiful images. Sending you virtual hot chocolate 😀

  79. Ashok1288 says:

    awesome man, some of them are really cool…

  80. nenskei says:

    Catches my sight! Photos captured my heart!

  81. Candice says:

    Lovely and so tranquil!

  82. If winter in Chicago looked anything like your photos, it would be my favorite season. absolutely stunning.

  83. Your pictures are exquisite, thank you for sharing!

  84. Awesome images! You’ve captured the setting well, but also the q-u-i-e-t of Winter.

  85. Very beautiful reflections. The color scheme is also very dreamlike. Way to capture the moment!

  86. anabluemae says:

    These photos are absolutely stunning! You did such a good job of capturing the peace and stillness of winter!

  87. That one tree looks like a tree I personally knew very well, in Geneva, Switzerland. Have your photos been taken there?
    They are beautiful….. capturing the exact spirit of the winter landscape.

  88. TheWorld'sFinest says:

    Great photos! Keep it up!

  89. the speech monster says:


  90. pestarzt says:

    Love everything about these pics! Nice one!

  91. rahmawati503 says:

    wow, what an amazing photographer you are!!! you’re photo is very very fantastic.. I’m really like it. Thank’s for your inspiration…. 🙂

  92. Brrr! What beautiful shots, that must have been a fabulous walk. (I love your header photo too!)

  93. zainub javed says:

    Your pictures depict the ‘sadness of winter’ and ‘still’ and ‘death’. But hell yea, I lovvvvvvved them!!! so poetic 🙂

  94. loving, stunning of the epic proportions!!

  95. John says:

    Great photos! Thank you!

  96. I hate cold (I’m an Arizonan for a reason!) but your photos are gorgeous!

  97. knudsens says:

    I love your pics.

  98. I love the twiggy and dead leaf picture at the end. It would make a lovely card, print or picture.

  99. samia2010oct says:

    Nice shots…. all white and grey… Thanks for sharing.

  100. Over-the-Pond Teacher says:

    Great photos. I’m born and raised in Alaska, and I think that I take the beauty of winter for granted. I’m now spending my first rainy winter in Germany and think that I should get out with my camera a look for beauty in the small things around me. Thanks for the inspiration!

  101. J’adore l’hiver aussi, comme le printemps, l’automne ou l’été. Chaque saison a son charme, mais l’hiver est particulièrement magique.
    Jolies photos.

  102. thestm198 says:

    Lovely shots ! winter looks more beautiful. 😀

  103. avantikasri says:

    beautiful snaps 🙂
    loved them… winter really reminds one of peace and calm…keep uploading more !!

  104. these photos are great! i’ve never experienced winter (as i live on the surface of the sun!) but thanks to your shots, i get to experience it vicariously 🙂 i particularly like “whiteness”

  105. Shripathi says:

    So soothing! Really beautiful 🙂 Just browsing through some blogs and stumbled here! Loved the way you have described 🙂

  106. starlight says:

    love your postcard-like photos… congrats on being FP.

  107. like third last imaage “so beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!

  108. All your pics are great especially #7 it’s a winter’s delight and the reflection on the water makes it twice the delight.-joynthemorning

  109. BairbreSine says:

    Very lovely photos. Nicely framed. I particularly liked the water shots.

  110. jane tims says:

    Hi. I like the photo of the small crystal hovering above the mounds of snow. You’ve captured the idea of cold… Jane

  111. akimynation says:

    breathtaking views youve got there. 🙂

  112. Lily Nova says:

    You’ve really captured the beauty of snow, ice and winter in these photos. Amazing shots!

  113. blessmylove says:

    Beautiful… Brilliant…Fantastic…loved it

  114. Boyer Writes says:

    Were these shot in England or Scotland. Maybe I missed if you said where. I especially like the frozen lake scenes. Having read another one of your blogs where you said that black and white pictures show the soul and color shows the clothes…was an interesting concept to me. I think I want to learn more about black and white photography. Will follow your blog. Nancy

  115. Duoimagery says:

    They’re all beautiful! But #11 is particularly stunning. Gorgeous, gorgeous. -bethany

  116. Wow these are great photos. I really like the one of the branch going into the walker with a duck(?) in the distance. The snow on the branch looks like frosted icing. What camera do you use?

  117. ***The LensMaster says:

    I find peace staring at your photos!!! There’s a beautiful life transforming in this part of the world…

  118. ibagveezik says:

    Wow. Just… wow. Nothing more to say. Now, lakes look even more beautiful in my eyes than they did before.

  119. Your photos are absolutely stunning!

  120. Michele LMS says:

    Enjoyed the stark, haunting beauty of your photos! . . . Thank you for sharing!!

  121. karcherry says:

    Breathtaking! Makes me want to go out for a walk of my own. In fact, I think I will!

  122. anaslense says:


  123. imanolarbulu says:

    Very inspiring photos! thanks for sharing them with us

  124. Beautiful. It’s like a spiritual solace between you and nature….

  125. jrush22 says:

    Stark yet lively photos! Nice work 🙂

  126. beauty toast says:

    super nice pictures!!!

  127. drchoneydew says:

    LOVE these pics! We live in talk about REFRESHING :0)

  128. Shell B says:

    Beautiful pictures of quiet grace. Well done!

  129. AfnanYG says:

    Your so lucky , Living in a place like this !!!

    I loved your photos .

  130. thelightinbetween says:

    Your photos are absolutely amazing! They remind me of why – despite freezing cold, icy roads, and endless driveway clearing – I love winter.

  131. OBC says:

    Wonderful imagery! I, too, love winter, and you have captured its essence remarkably,

  132. dianne - life as i see it says:

    marvelous images ! brrr.. sounds very cold but sounds like you were well dressed ;o)

  133. Beautiful! I like winter…

  134. arannz says:

    Wow… Are so beautiful your shots…

  135. Love the pictures. 🙂 Snow is always fun.

  136. samuelshall says:

    That first photograph is beautiful. Almost surreal the way the b&w brings out the shadows and texture of the ice.

  137. I especially like ‘balance’!

  138. SHIKHAR'SPACE says:

    a very well-organised as well as scintillating collection……….many f the new bloggers might take a lesson from you…………….extraordinarily admirable…………………

  139. d_vaz says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  140. awordforthought says:

    Amazing how the world works in phases like this… how everything seems to lay still and go to sleep. Winter storms are like the nightmares in the middle of an otherwise peaceful dream!

    Some great pictures here… I especially love the ones with texture in the ice.

    Well done!

  141. Ashlee Craft says:

    You’re an excellent photographer! Your photos capture the magic of winter so perfectly! 🙂

  142. Francesca says:

    complimenti, foto bellissime

  143. Ryan says:

    Amazing photographs! Very tranquil

  144. oprekzone says:

    Its Good, I like it…

  145. gaycarboys says:

    Snow and ice just never gets old.

  146. They are all beautiful but the last one made me smile. It reminded me of the game “A Barrel of Monkeys”… the leaves seeming to hang from each other. 🙂

  147. These photos are beautiful! I struggle so much to find the motivation to bundle up and shoot outside in winter, but these are certainly lovely and inspirational! Nicely done!

  148. Really stunning photos! Thank you.

  149. matthewmalin92 says:


  150. paintlater says:

    I never knew snow could be so beautiful, I could feel it through your photos, all the way here to hot humid stark Australia. Cheers.

  151. Javier says:

    Beautiful shots!! Winter has a magic feeling

  152. Ica says:

    I was born and raised in a tropical country. Seeing these photos made me appreciate snow for what seems like first time. They’re more than stunning and beautiful. Superb~

  153. these photos are incredibly striking, they’re fantastic…

  154. achilliad says:

    I envy as I enjoy your pictures. We have had a “non-winter” in much of the USA and especially in Nashville, TN where I currently am. Much too warm and no “hard freeze” this year. Two days ago it was like, 76degrees F (24.444 Celsius), sunny and windy. It was enjoyable but the early darkness reminded me it is February – very strange and in a way sad because I, like you, like snow…and the unique stillness of ice encrusted nature. Congrats on writing Freshly like hard-Pressed leaves sealed in thick ice.

  155. Wow, gorgeous photos!! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  156. ramanuja72 says:

    Wonderful photography, love those photos. Excellent work and thanks for sharing.

  157. Serene and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  158. bmj2k says:

    Very evocative. Some of those pics scream their emotions!

  159. Yusuf says:

    Really well-captured pics.. Cheers 🙂

  160. Amazing pictures! I love winter, there is so much beauty to be found in it.

  161. Congrats on being freshly pressed!!

    You deserved this 🙂

  162. red potato says:

    How nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    carry on.

  163. wow, your photographs really are stunning.

    Like someone else said, I actually felt the chill of the cold
    (despite being in the middle of an Australian summer 🙂

    and also, I felt your awe of the beauty you were capturing..


  164. whyyyjen says:

    There’s no snow in my country. Thank you for sharing your flawless photos! It encourages me to save up so I can travel to different places and see beautiful sights like the ones in your photos. 🙂

  165. These pictures are amazing! They make Winter look even more magical than it already is, it’s brilliant!

  166. Wow!! Found someone that loves snow just as much as me…. Love your pictures!!

  167. These are such beautiful photos – capturing the magic of winter! I have added you to my blogroll:

  168. sandradjanq says:

    i really hate cold, it hurts me
    i have no idea about its beauty

    i’m not sure that i could live in it

    but i find its beauty in here,
    i’m so excited!!! great!!! ^^

  169. Rosiero says:

    Wow, this pictures are perfect, show coldness and winter on one special,beautiful way that wake up so much peace in me… 🙂

  170. winterseeker says:

    I can`t think of a more worthy freshly pressed post in all my time on wordpress…that first sentance made me happier than most could imagine, I`ve waited a long time to hear someone say those phrases, such a wonderful season yet so unappreciated! Thank you for this! I couldn`t agree more with your sentiment and interests, I hope I can take some winter photos as good as you some day!
    Thanks again and keep spreading that winter joy~

  171. These are AMAZING. especially that first one. Winter is absolutely beautiful. Too often, I think people forget about that….because it is so freaking cold!!!! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  172. Eryka says:

    love the pictures

    check out my blog

  173. awkwardspelling says:

    They take my breath away, never stop posting!

  174. Denihiloism says:

    Very nice shots you have here… I wanna go somewhere that snow falls during winter~

  175. I love the way you frame your shots – these are amazing photos; what a great way to view the world.

  176. asiagreen says:

    Especially love the last one, like a mobile, and the sun gives this warmth to the snowy cold =)

  177. anujak31391 says:

    I love clicks taken through silhouettes..Stunning photographs! 🙂
    I love sunsets…n the oneuve taken are ammmmazzing!! 🙂

  178. Cassie says:

    That first puddle/drizzle is wonderful.

  179. Cerulean Moon says:


  180. Ryan Sprout says:

    Amazing photographs! Congrats on freshly pressed!

  181. dressupforme says:

    Incredible shots! my total favorits: impressionism and ice-blid. You are so able to perceive teh winter cold but they are somehwat soft and warm in composition. Great job. Love the way you see it! 🙂

  182. manajones says:

    Absolutely stunning! You are a really great photgrapher!

  183. krafte says:

    really stunning winter photos! I love the photo the sixth photo with the trees and lake. gorgeous.

  184. i am yet to experience snow fall – I will probably have to visit another country for that experience. Lovely photos!

  185. notsololita says:

    All these pix are nice but the first one is amazing. Thanks a lot for sharing this. 🙂

  186. Wonderful Photos! I especially like number 7 ..the lake.
    My husband and I didn’t have much of a winter this year, as we spent 3 months in the Australian outback. Hence, seeing your winter collection reminded me of our Russian winter.

    Thank you!

  187. gypsy says:

    These are some beautiful photos

  188. Your photos are beautiful – reminds me of my own surroundings!

  189. helenarek says:

    Very inspiring photos!
    …thanks for sharing…

  190. Those are so beautiful. They capture winter perfectly. My favorites are seven and eleven.

  191. Absolutely breathtaking! Winter is my favourite season and you have captured the beauty perfectly. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! 🙂

  192. rogueme says:

    Winter is the BEST~ I am stuck in Florida. Thank you for bringing a little cold weather my way! Beautiful pics! I can taste the hot chocolate, hear the fireplace crackling, and smell the wood smoke… Ah, how I miss the mountains and the snow…

  193. Very inspiring!! I love the way you chose to pay attention to detail. Thank you very much for sharing. 🙂

  194. Snowflake desolate white makes the subtle blues, yellows and pinks cloudy and pillowed, and only in winter are black silhouettes life-giving. Lovely.

  195. Anna says:

    Gorgeous! I actually found myself missing snowy mornings a bit 🙂

  196. Even though I hate the cold, I can’t help but admire the beauty it brings with it. Your pictures are beautiful, especially that soft peachy glow you’ve captured that makes these harsh, cold landscapes just a bit warmer. So pretty 🙂

  197. Diane Tucker says:

    Outstanding photography. I feel I should “beef up” my blog with more and better pictures, but I have such a hard time finding time to really settle and take lots, decide what is good, etc. I admire your talents, and will visit your page again. Thank you.
    Diane Tucker
    Hill-Stead Museum
    Farmington, CT

  198. svenddottir says:

    wow, so many comments! Just wanted to say how especially lovely the distortions from the frozen lake-water were — the transition areas between water, ice, and snow on branches (as well as the photo with garlanded reflections).

  199. briankothman says:

    Nice photography! But makes me feel like booking my vacation on a cruise! I’m ready for spring.

  200. sallystoma says:

    Beautiful photographs!

  201. jonathan says:

    Beautiful. I love the 7th picture, the reflections in the water

  202. The Hook says:

    Personally, I HATE winter, but this post has my seal of approval!

  203. Emily says:

    Your photos are absolutely beautiful!

  204. jadesmells says:

    These photographs are breathtaking! What a lovely post.

  205. seysisland says:

    Oh my goodness this is so refreshing. I live in Honolulu where it’s hot, sticky and “voggy” (volcanic ash storm). But this morning I woke up and it’s only 70 degrees and rainy! I felt so good to feel the cold air and putting on a jacket to sit outside and write (I moved here from San Francisco where it’s currently 54 degrees), and I feel even better having seen your photography. Thank you for taking me to your world that is so deliciously exotic for me.

  206. OH MY GOSH those are the most gorgeous photos I’ve ever seen!! Particularly the last one. It has a beautiful simplicity to it.
    Thank you SO much!! Love them!

  207. Amatullah says:

    Gorgeous pictures! I love winter if only for the reason that the snow paints a picture of such serenity and peace.

  208. sonal batavia says:

    Your pictures are BREATHTAKING! bravo on being freshly pressed – well well deserved.

  209. yumchocolate says:

    Awesome! These pictures are so AMAZING! 🙂

  210. melanielegault says:

    Stunning pictures! I love winter and your pictures prove that it’s a beautiful season. Thanks for sharing.

  211. These photos pretty much encompass everything I love about winter.

  212. Anita Mac says:

    Great collection! Was out shooting in the cold recently – didn’t last too long! What is your secret for your fingers?

  213. Vina Kent says:

    Such breathtaking photos! LITERALLY… WOW you really captured the essence of winter. Thank yolu for sharing and congrats on FP!

  214. The pics are lovely… 🙂

  215. very soothing and touching blog with a great photography

  216. magnificent! those pics give me a feeling of peaceful.i can say that you are quite professional on Photography.

  217. Beautiful photos…I am going to start carrying my camera when I go for a walk from now on.. 🙂

  218. tainambrown says:

    LOVE photo #7 (from the top). thanks for sharing!

  219. Amanda says:

    Beautiful. Where did you take these?

  220. Mike Costa says:

    i love the winter too, this one hasn’t been the snowiest in New England but looking at these remind me of building igloos with my brother. I love the shots, thanks for sharing these dreamy shot!

  221. isha says:

    Brilliant photography!
    Even i love to click random pics any moment but after seeing yours i really must say your are just amazing at getting them just perfect even in so chilly winter. 😀

  222. skypoppy says:

    I live 40km south of Barcelona and as you imagine we don’t have this kind of winters, that is why looking at this pictures makes me put in contact with feelings barely touched before. Your photography is poetry
    Thanks for sharing it!

  223. Rose says:

    It might be cold, but it is amazing! Such beautiful place you’ve got there! Thanks for the beautiful photos!

  224. Jackie Paulson says:

    Wonderful photo’s for today and I did a click on here and was amazed.

  225. Tincup says:

    Loved your short commentary…the camera can take you places. I really connected with your photos as your eye notices similar beauty that my eye catches. You photos also gave me a sample of what you experienced during those days or short periods of freedom. Thank you.

    ~ Tincup

  226. gartenmarie says:

    All I can say is: Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this pictures with us. I really like the last one. It’s just so wonderful. I really can’t wait for summer, but these fotos will make the winter stay in good memories!

  227. Mrito nodi says:


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  229. Winter seems to run away, doesn’t it? Time flies.

    Lovely photos

  230. forestfae says:

    I love the snow too. Great pictures 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

  231. Flybilletter says:

    Great photos (avoiding the very obvious “cool” pun).

    That last one would make a great cover for a book.

  232. hilmynur says:

    Just Amazing image about nature.
    like this

  233. Rosy says:

    Lovely photographs.

  234. Abby says:

    beautiful and very enchanting 🙂

  235. Alexander says:

    Oh, good God! Those photos are just breathtakingly fantastic! I’m so so impressed! I love how simple things can be so beautiful!

  236. Stunning shots, GIve off a haunting feel a drop.

  237. Stunning wow. Congrats on being FP!

  238. Sulfo says:

    Wow, the post really got me started thinking; love it!

    P.S. we’ve started a new blog recently, it’s about EVERYTHING and whatever randomness. Please visit us 🙂

  239. Dev says:

    I have never been to a ‘cool & snowy’ place. Your words made me feel really bad to live in such a place.

  240. Gustaw says:

    Beautiful pictures. We got to as low as -22 Celsius this year.

  241. Tim Shey says:

    Very beautiful photos. I also love winter. I walk and hitchhike a lot. I had to walk through Missoula, Montana recently in a snowstorm. When there is snow on the ground, it makes things more peaceful.

  242. Gilberto says:

    Lovely palette of colors. serene.

  243. estherzs86 says:

    I admire your courage to take pictures in such freezing temperature. I could not last for more than 10 mins when I had to take my gloves off. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures! =)

  244. alydez says:

    Beautiful Photos, they capture the essence of winter.

  245. sksaxgirl says:

    I absolutely love the lighting in your photographs. You are very talented!

  246. Your post makes me wish I had been out taking pictures at 8am last week. Great job! The three pictures I liked most were Resting, Ice Blind and Balance. Fantastic!

  247. I could not pick out a favorite of the selection. They were all beautifully done. Thank you for sharing with your WordPress family.

  248. oy koya says:

    breathtaking pictures.

  249. artisantrove says:

    oh my god these pictures are beautiful!

  250. Ammon says:

    Gorgeous photos–they make me long for a real, honest-to-goodness winter!

  251. Very nice! I know how hard it is to get out in the cold but the photos captured make freezing our fingers, ties & nose well worth it. Thanks for sharing this wonderful photos.

  252. These are some of the most gorgeous pictures I have ever seen!

  253. Amazing photographs. I really enjoy the way large bodies of water transform when they freeze and thaw.

  254. emmahevezi says:

    wow. amazing! its like a winter wonderland. i just want to be in an area as magical as that! it looks lovely, when it shows in the UK the world just stops and we don’t get time to enjoy the beauty that is snow. its just a massive inconvenience for everyone!
    keep up the awesome photos sweetie 🙂
    keep smiling x

  255. Those photos are just astonishing. and what a beautiful winter you’ve got over there. I’m kinda jealous (very, actually). In instead, I’ve got the most horrible summer over here. I’m barely coping with a minimum amount of 28ªC every day. lol! Regards

  256. your blog is very nice and full of nature

  257. Leah says:

    The photo of the branch poking out of the frozen water (3rd from bottom) is my favorite. Great subject and composition.

  258. worldnewsflash says:

    i hate winter before because it keeps me from doing the things that i love. but when i saw these pics, it made me realize the beauty of winter. awesome!

  259. Krauser says:

    definetly i agree with u when u say winter is the most beautiful.magic.wonderfull season of the year. I think u can apreciate the beauty of the trees. of the lakes. even the streets! thats i wanna move to the end of the world where the cold is 24/7. sorry bout my english i saw your blog on freshly pressed and i loved it. cheers from argentina!


  260. hkcjuly says:

    never have winter in my country, but with them make me feel “winter” !!! Thax alot

  261. Maggie L R says:

    Beautiful winter photos, congrats on being freshly pressed, My FP post is also winter on a lake. There is so much to photograph in winter.

  262. There is something so peaceful and fulfilling about walking on a snowy winter day, surround by the utter stillness of it all! Your photos are really great capturing the essence of it all.

  263. wademack says:

    Some great winter shots here.

  264. maenamor says:

    great photo;s

  265. Een echt sprookje….heel mooi ! Ik houd ook heel erg van de winter, sneeuw, ijs…..schaatsen….het landschap bedekt onder een dik pak sneeuw…..schitterend.

  266. Joanna says:

    I love looking at snow and playing in it but boy do I not like tonbe in the cold! =P And those are some beautiful pictures!

  267. feelitright says:

    It’s very cold. =]]
    I love winter because there is no winter in my country.

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  269. michael says:

    Beautiful exposures. I love the contrasts of ice and snow and water.

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