One year, ten photographs

I have always believed that in order to move forward you sometimes need to stop and look back at what you did, so to keep things in the right perspective and really become aware of the road you have travelled so far.

This is what I am doing in this post. Looking back at 2011, a difficult year both personally and professionally. But also full of good, beautiful and important moments. Here’s the story in 10 photograph.

I knew the year would be a hard one, but I love this image because it reminds me the bliss of being a child with dreams, to play with life and not take it too seriously. Times may have been tough, but there have been colours and joy.

This is a photographed I exposed both in June and in October. For these two exhibitions I had to portray corners of my valley, which is quite a challenging one for me as I had to force my eyes to look differently at well known places.

2011 was a year of big celebrations for the 150th anniversary of Italian unification, and for Turin in particularly as it had been Italy’s first capital. In May the city was peacefully invaded by the Alpini, a branch of the Italian Army that is greatly loved here. It was moving to see them wearing their peculiar hats so proudly – especially the eldest.

Summer came with one of my dearest friends’ wedding, and it was an honour for me to photograph it. This is the shot I love the most, mother and daughter holding hands so delicately and lovingly.

In August I travelled to Cantabria and discovered a charming region of Spain, with its endless beaches, the wind, the smell of the ocean, the ever changing sky, and the green of its soft hills. Hours and hours of fascinating walks.

Fishbone is a newlyborn brand producing amazing t-shirts. Behind it, two talented guys from Turin – and two good friends of mine. It was a pleasure and lot of fun collaborating with them for some promo shootings.

Autumn came, but still I did some beautiful excursions on the Alps. Rain or sun, I’m always overwhelmed by natural precious beauties. Simple as rain or sunlight, but never trivial.

October 19th: less than a day in London, rushing through South Kensigton and Notting Hill and than to a concert in Shepherd’s Bush Rd. Emma and I meeting after more than a year. Exhausting and exhilarating. I would do it again right now.

My last trip in 2011 was to Zürich to visit a friend living there. 4 days of talks and walks, and me more and more fascinated by this city.

Then a last photo, out of my top 10. Music permeating every single day of this year, my faithful companion during the worst and best moments, my hopes, dreams and loves.


About Marta Favro

Full time employee in an online marketing agency, photographer and traveller (not necessary in that order). Graduated in English Literature. Passionate of long walks in the Nature, cats, books, music.
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11 Responses to One year, ten photographs

  1. Thanks for sharing your journey. An inspiring read.

  2. Jody and Ken says:

    Touching essay. I hope everything’s going in the right direction for you now. I recently upgraded to a full-frame camera and i have to say that your photos are tremendously inspiring, reminding me that extraordinary images exist in any surrounding if you only have the eye to see them. Happy New Year. Good luck in 2012. Ken

    • Marta Favro says:

      Thank you so much Ken for your beautiful words. I am very happy to know that my photographs are an inspiration for you, and I am sure you’ll do great with your new camera. Have lot of fun with it!
      Happy New Year to you too.
      Take care.

  3. A.M says:

    Wow…..loved the whole journey especially the last gramophone shot….music makes the best companion in life!!

  4. Chorwin says:

    Sound like a good recap for the year of 2011.
    It remind me should I create similar post for my blog, even through it is Feb of 2011… haha. Thank for the good sharing.

  5. rahmawati503 says:

    Your journey is very inspire me.. thanks 🙂

  6. Great photographs! Keep ’em coming!!

  7. dogear6 says:

    Wonderful selection of photos to celebrate your year. I bet it took a while to pick them out!


  8. Alexandra says:

    Really lovely photographs. You’ve inspired me as well. I will try this exercise at the end of 2012. I think it might be a good way to look back on the year.

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