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Yellow, orange and a touch of red

Yellow, orange, a little bit of white and a touch of red. The colours of summer, the colours of happiness. Sometimes you feel discouraged, you happen to live dark moments, especially when you’re just at the beginning of the road … Continue reading

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Going back to what you know

After a two-week break from writing on this blog here I am again. Quite a few things have happened, some good some others bad. Each one of them adding a piece of the puzzle. First of all my granddad died. … Continue reading

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“positivando” Barcelona

(First of all let me explain the title since I’m happy I got to it after a few minutes trying to resume all the written below and some of you won’t understand. It’s made out of the word “positivar” which … Continue reading

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Ode to Light

I may be a dreamer but I’m not blind. Back in 2009 I got some really bad news. I was sitting on a chair (one I started to hate by then) at the doctor’s office when she started to tell … Continue reading

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We make a call!

The Lonely Walkers started as a photographic project on our tumblr and now it has become a project reaching other fields and giving voice to other photographers. We’d love you to join us and give us your point of view … Continue reading

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One creates his or her own style by inspiration. By copying others, one gets his or her own voice. I remember having this in mind since I was very young and started to write. Actually, I didn’t even know who … Continue reading

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