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Street Photography: Sidewalktalk

It’s one of those days when you surf through the Net with no purpose, reading bits here and there, following one link after the other while checking your Twitter timeline to see if any one of your contacts has posted … Continue reading

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Details compose Fine Art Photography

It’s a big day. Everything together is gorgeous and the whole picture is simply beautiful. You step back and take a picture of the whole thing. And then, right there you can spot me there taking photographs of a flower… … Continue reading

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Dilemmas and fairy tales.

I’ve got a dilemma. I was contacted by an important and famous stock photo agency to join the club and sell my work. You can imagine my first reaction, right? (¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡:D:D:D:D:D!!!!!!!!!!!) (I get excited very easily and for very tiny … Continue reading

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Fridays are for readers: L’élégance du hérisson

Renée is 54 years old and she’s the concierge of a luxury apartment building in 7 rue de Grenelle, Paris. She is a widow, a bit ugly and very intelligent, a quality she desperately tries to hide. Paloma is 12 … Continue reading

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The long road towards spring

O Wind, If winter comes can spring be far behind? P. B. Shelley – Ode to the West Wind There are pieces of Art that have the power to stick to your mind and accompany you for the rest of … Continue reading

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What makes you a photographer? Is it only the tools you use or is it something else? Damon Winter is a photographer specializing in documentary, editorial, and portrait photography, and who has won the third place at Picture of the … Continue reading

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MIRRORS: Matej Slezak

1987, Olomouc, Czech Republic. Who are you? Photographer, drummer of Czech band called Two Men and student of law. I love my family, friends, photography, music and dogs. I don’t like stupid people, hot weather, strawberry yoghurt and cats. What … Continue reading

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