Getting lost

Sometimes you just need to get lost in order to find your way again. And silence slowly becomes your most loyal companion in this strange journey with no map, or even destination.

You walk, like through the street of a city you see for the first time, and let the world around you fill your soul. You look around, no judgments of any sorts. The light fills your eyes, and you just keep walking. Little by little you get to know the city, ’till it somehow becomes part of you. A slow and imperceptible change; you wake up one morning and you know nothing will be the same again, even if you still don’t really know how things will turn for you.

Silence and absence have been the two words that best describe what The Lonely Walkers project has been for the last year or so. Life takes over and changes you; or sometimes you decide to change yourself and your life. Everything seems to stay the same, yet you know everything is different, and you don’t know how to deal with it. The Lonely Walkers had become a project that was somehow inexplicably too big for both Emma and I. We had (and still have) to learn to deal with the many changes that our lives demanded.

But ideas, loves, and passions are there. Silent companions in our journeys. And photography always there, always to remind us that there’s something more to the hustle and bustle. That there’s a destination to our journey.

We are two travellers in this weird path that is life. We walk through the streets of new cities, get back, then set off again. Everything changes, and so do we. We’ll get back here, in the meantime we are soaking into these new landscapes and take photographs without judging what we are seeing and living. These photos will be the most treasured memories we’ll have of these years.

St. Pancras station, London


About Marta Favro

Full time employee in an online marketing agency, photographer and traveller (not necessary in that order). Graduated in English Literature. Passionate of long walks in the Nature, cats, books, music.
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2 Responses to Getting lost

  1. Jody and Ken says:

    Marta! It’s great to read your words and see your photos, no matter how dark. I’m sorry to hear that the blog has become a burden (believe me, I understand), but I hope you’ll continue to post, however intermittently. Ken

  2. Marta Favro says:

    Thank you for your lovely words and encouragement, Ken. Finding time to write is getting harder and harder, but it’s there in our minds. I’d say we are trying not only to find the time to write more regularly, but also to redefine the whole project in our minds in order to keep it going.

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