Good old times.

The other day I was standing up on the metro and an image caught my attention. A woman was staring at a picture of an older woman (although not too old), which she kept in her wallet. I could spend some time looking at her and her reactions and noticed that she was just staring at it, for some minutes, almost as if she was talking to her. I wondered who that woman was and where she was then. It was easy to imagine that the woman in the metro missed her and I dared to assume that the woman in the photograph was her mother.

I remember talking to a photographer some years ago. He told me the main purpose of his photography was to make a whole compilation of memories within his images. He was not that worried about working as a photographer (though I think he does, now) but he only wanted to make sure his camera could portray his life. The way we are, things we like now, how we laugh, things we do…. Memories of present that will become smiles from a better and relax time in the future (because, truly… don’t you look back at the past with a smile thinking old times were always better?) I’ve tried to do the same thing, get a good bunch of photographs, really good photographs, of moments we live now. How we are and how we laugh. I should put some order some time and create a book, specially for those that won’t remember.

These photographs will let us create stories to tell, specially to the kids, like that day we went to the beach and my brother fell asleep at the worst hours and he got a huge sunburn… or that day I went for a walk with my father and his camera and he asked me to pose with my beautiful blue dress in the main square of the village we used to go when we were kids… I can see a candy shop in the background, that I used to love^^ it doesn’t exist any more.

The other day I went to visit my nephew and first went to the cinema next to my work to buy him sweet popcorn. He relates sweet popcorn to me (or me to sweet popcorn? haha) and he always asks me some, so I went buy him some. That was a memory I didn’t want to forget. A small one, very tiny one, but I want to tell him all the things he did when he was a kid (now) and show him, so it was the perfect time to make a photograph of him eating sweet popcorn (as if he was the cookie monster ^^)

While I was thinking about writing this post, I realized the kind of photography I like the most is the personal one. Not only MY personal photography but those “making off” photographs, people not looking at the camera but the seconds right before and after. Much more intimate, private and real. More human. Guess it’s similar to what I already mentioned a few posts back when talked about silly things.

And, to finish with, I remembered this project I discovered a year or so ago. Argentinian photograper Irina Werning made a photo project with people performing the exact same pose and situation of all those photographs we all have. You can see the galleries of that project HERE and HERE.

Happy First day of Spring! 🙂


About Emma Espejo

Graduated from English Philology in the University of Barcelona, I wanted to study a phd on Literature but ended dedicating my life to Photography. Full time teacher of English, and full time photographer (a passion can't be neglected). Working on my photography and making other people happy with my photographs makes me happy, as well as a good conversation, reading a good book and watching a good tv series. I'm a reader, dreamer, lover, photographer, writer, thinker... a little bit of everything.
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6 Responses to Good old times.

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    what a great post…
    one can’t help but smile as they read and see one of their own memories
    in a photograph…
    Thank you for sharing!


  2. Pictures truly carry our personal histories forward into time. Those who hold often a camera in their hands own a noble mission.

    Thank you for your insight.

  3. Love the post. This post engages me as both a reader following your insightful journey and as someone who was hanging to see the pictures. All in all harmony with story and pictures. Thanks

  4. Loved the sentiment and the links to “Back to the Future” provided lots of enjoyment. 🙂

  5. fivecats says:

    Nicely said. Many of us that take photos are striving to capture that “slice of life”. It takes a lot of patience to watch and wait for those moments and to capture it.

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