Life happens

One day you wake up, check your email, facebook… and you find a message on your page’s wall: “where are you and your posts?”

And you think… “it’s true, I’m not there. Where am I?”

And you think… “what happened?”

I guess LIFE happened.

This project is run by two people so I can only talk for myself. Each one of us has a different life (as good individuals) but I think the feeling remains the same and Marta will agree with me. Life sometimes happens and it gets between you and your projects.

In my case I felt I was getting lost… I got lost among blogs, ideas and many people telling their things at the same time. I got lost in an objective path.  I got lost in my dreams and in the expectations of making them come true. I forgot how could I do that. I got lost in all my energy, which also got lost. I got lost in all the fights you face in real life to actually have a real life. I got tired of this economic situation and of seeing myself building a career with my eyes closed so I couldn’t actually see I was neglecting my wishes, hopes, dreams and expectations. And I opened my eyes and thought “Emma, what are you doing?”

I got lost in all the things I had talked about and all the things I could talk about. I was over with my words. I was not reading, I was no writing.I was not being me. I forgot to take photographs while talking about photography. I forgot to read books when recommending them. I forgot I used to paint with light. I forgot a thimble can also be a kiss and that you can put all your “moments of being” in a box and give all your self to someone. I forgot walking with eyes wide opened.

But then one day you wake up and you find a message like this. Where am I? I am somewhere between reality and dreams, trying to find the right place where to step on. I’m reading and taking my photographs.

We’re very sorry we are “gone”… we are not, we’re still here… I guess it simply has to do with Art in general. It takes so much from you, or you pour so much in it, that you need stop and charge the batteries now and then. All ideas, suggestions and topics are welcome if you want us to discuss them here.

We are lonely walkers walking together… but sometimes you feel like walking in silence and breathe the breeze, and some others, you just find the right words in your tea.


About Emma Espejo

Graduated from English Philology in the University of Barcelona, I wanted to study a phd on Literature but ended dedicating my life to Photography. Full time teacher of English, and full time photographer (a passion can't be neglected). Working on my photography and making other people happy with my photographs makes me happy, as well as a good conversation, reading a good book and watching a good tv series. I'm a reader, dreamer, lover, photographer, writer, thinker... a little bit of everything.
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6 Responses to Life happens

  1. I’m glad to read you again, Emma :). A couple of years ago I had a similar wake up call/awakening. I felt lost, I didn’t know what I was doing with my life, where it was going, I didn’t do the typical things *I DO*. And walking by the old part of my city, I saw a wall (actually it was the place where a door used to be!) painted in bright marine blue, with withe letters on it saying: “every morning is a present”. I inside me it was a “clack”. And I decided to do something, to change everything.

    • Emma Espejo says:

      Thank you, I. !!!! ^^
      a “clack” is needed now and then… I guess now I’m wandering through things I had forgotten which enjoyed the most, things that create who I am now. This whole world is crazy and everything goes too fast. I sometimes feel everything’s too rush 😦 We deserve the right to stop and think, think what we feel and think… And enjoy…

  2. dogear6 says:

    A break is good sometimes too. It gives us a chance to regroup, refresh and think if we want to continue in this direction or not. I’m glad though you didn’t take a permanent break!


  3. Anita Mac says:

    Deep. Love it. Something to think about!

  4. Jody and Ken says:

    Take your time, recharge your batteries, figure out how to work. Viewed from the western side of the Atlantic, life in Spain and Italy appears increasingly difficult. If it helps, some of us who look to your photos for inspiration are sympathetic (I’m a writer) and patient. Post when and if you can. Ken

    • Emma Espejo says:

      Thank you so much, Ken. It is being hard in Spain, specially after so many years studying for a future that it was almost promised, now we feel we spent too much time to be “wise people unemployed”… Time to fight for our dreams but, reality hits our faces now and then, and it’s hard to charge batteries. Fortunately, Art feeds the most important part of us and it’s hard to leave it behind. I really appreciate your words. Thank you very much. 🙂

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