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A secret view of Barcelona

When someone says Barcelona you immediately think of summer, walks on the Rambla, beaches and night life, and sun, sun and more sun. That’s what I think about most of the times too. The first time I went there was … Continue reading

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For little it may seem, a good photograph can make us feel better, it can make us love ourselves a bit better and can show our beauty, our real beauty we sometimes neglect. One of the sentences I always try … Continue reading

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Fridays are for Readers: Stack Magazines

We have curious natures, we can’t really help it. And we rejoice about it because it makes us discover pearls like the one I’m about to talk about this Friday. Stack Magazines is a unique subscription service bringing together the … Continue reading

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Winter Torino?

Since we started The Lonely Walkers project back in March (or was it end February?) 2010, Marta and I decided to have a summer version (so we spent our summer holidays between Barcelona and Torino) and a winter version. At … Continue reading

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Nature and Photography

When I first began my journey as a photographer I primarily shoot nature, for a series of very practical reasons: first, I live in the country, so I just have to step out of my doorway and find tons of … Continue reading

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Natural light, natural reflectors, natural inspiration.

Do you use natural light? I must say, I’m a natural light photographer, even in dark situations I rather using a wide aperture (and in any kind of situation, as well) than using a flash or an artificial  light. I … Continue reading

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Round trip tickets: Zürich

It’s not a secret that here at the Lonely Walkers we like travelling, and when money and time allow us we grab our luggage – and our cameras of course! -and head for some destination we fancy to go to. … Continue reading

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