Spread the… knowledge… Spread the… image.

For the last few days we’ve been asked several things as response to some of our posts… and we thought it was a great idea to share those questions and answers with other people who might be interested, curious or even who would want to make a similar question. Because like we said, we like to share knowledge.

What we know is what creates part of our work, but further more, what makes us ourselves is that tiny detail that we add as individuals in our work. The fact that you can apreciate a difference between Marta’s and Emma’s work is what makes them different… (even when we think we have similar perspectives, influences, techniques… but each one of us is a different person so our work tells)

We always appreciated responses from fellow photographers who were willing to answer our questions on technique, style, etc. And we like sharing so that’s what we do.

After all the questions we got the past few days we decided to share them on our formspring so others can see and ASK! This way… feel absolutely free to ask anything (about photography or related) and we’ll answer as well as we can!! Because we like learning and studying but we don’t like keeping it to ourselves… we like SHARING!

Have a wonderful week! We are going to take a break of a day or two… you’ll know why when we’re back 😉

(Paris, 2009. photo taken by Emma Espejo)

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