Street Photography: a good read

We’re recently been talking about street photography here at the Lonely Walkers, and we would love to dig down deeper into this particular field. Firstly, because our photo project that gave birth to this blog live on street photography; and secondly because we obviously love it and want to know more and more.

Today we’re recommending you two free ebooks about street photography by Thomas Leuthard: Going Candid and Collecting Souls. Whether you are new to this field or you want to discover more and find new inspiration, these are made for you. They’re really are worth a reading. A simple and flowing style, with lots of amazing photos, make these ebooks a source of useful tips and inspiration, even for the veterans of street photography.


Don’t forget to follow Thomas Leuthard’s work:


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2 Responses to Street Photography: a good read

  1. Great read, great post, and some great images.

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