Portraits, sun & fun.

Goodbye, summer…

What happens when you mix in the same day some end-summer sun, a loved one, a beautiful walk, the Mediterranean countryside, a camera and lots and lots of fun?

You’ll probably get something like this…

It felt like perfect summer afternoon, a beautiful walk through the vinyards… the air smelling like muscat, the sun setting saying goodbye summer, I was feeling like I hadn’t missed that yet… I had my chance to live my childhood summer afternoons again, saying goodbye to the swallows flying over our heads…

(Alessia and I highly recommend watching this previous photograph and feeling this “summer goodbye” together with Sam Cooke and his song )

Alessia is one of my favourite people and she’s not only a great friend but she’s become my personal “non-photographer” photographer… I love how she dares to grab my camera thinking of me and takes some photographs of me, too… ^^

Happy week, everyone!

(yes… I was dancing next to the vinyards… Alessia was singing…they say grapes grow happier…)

ps. photoshoots with friends makes life much more beautiful.


About Emma Espejo

Graduated from English Philology in the University of Barcelona, I wanted to study a phd on Literature but ended dedicating my life to Photography. Full time teacher of English, and full time photographer (a passion can't be neglected). Working on my photography and making other people happy with my photographs makes me happy, as well as a good conversation, reading a good book and watching a good tv series. I'm a reader, dreamer, lover, photographer, writer, thinker... a little bit of everything.
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