Starting anew – life as a photographer

Holidays are over, I’m back to normal life. Or maybe not.

I love holidays because they end, but in doing so they always leave you something: good and bad memories (not all holidays are perfect, unfortunately), tons of photographs, new friends, and most of all new energy and ideas.

It was last year in August that the idea of this blog had taken shape and substance, at the end of a memorable holiday Emma and I spent together (re)discovering our cities through the eyes of two passionate photographers and long-term friendship. We wanted more than just a Tumblog, we wanted to write about our beloved passions and make connections, share thoughts, photos, ideas, suggestions, comments.

We have walked this road in two different cities and countries, but always together. Challenging the idea of distance. We have met new people along the way and got more than we thought possible. And we have also walked our own solitary roads, took important decisions and tried to shape the life we have always dreamt for each of us two.

So now it’s me, in my own room, thinking about all that has happened till now, cherishing the fresh energy that these last holidays brought me, taking decisions and making plans. Starting anew, leaving the past behind, throw away the useless and keeping the good. Feeling uncorfortable and push myself beyond my “secure zone”, to construct a new self, a new me.

I’m not talking about great changes, nor revolutions, but mostly about doing a series of simple actions everyday till they become a habit. Then of course, there are bigger actions. But a house can’t be built without solid foundations. So in order to become a photographer, I firstly have to think of myself as a photographer, because I am my first and best supporter. Then act accordingly.

I have set four objectives for the end of this year. I’m making plans and promise myself I’ll stick to them. Acting to become the person I want to be and ready to catch any good opportunity that will come along the way. I won’t reveal them all to you now, you will know along the journey, as I’ll remove one by one from my list.

The first objective has already been accomplished. For a series of personal reasons, I wanted to leave some things to the past and move on. So the first step was creating a new Flickr account, and here it is for you. If anyone of you reading this blog is one my contacts, be sure to update your list! And if you are new to this blog or to my photos, do take your time to look through The Lonely Walkers projects and my photostream, and if you like them, subscribe to the blog and add me (or Emma) as a contact. Every new person is heartily welcome!

Starting all over again is like walking on a beach and breathing the fresh air of the Atlantic Ocean… feeling good and light and so full of energy…


About Marta Favro

Full time employee in an online marketing agency, photographer and traveller (not necessary in that order). Graduated in English Literature. Passionate of long walks in the Nature, cats, books, music.
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