Finding out… in Ireland.

Sorry for the silence of these last two weeks. Among others, one of the excuses is a trip to Dublin I made two weeks ago which finished last week: it was a four day trip, good enough to enjoy a taste of the ambient and get to know the city and part of the countryside.

Ireland… the beautiful land of luck and house of the leprechauns. A wonderful green landscape that blends with the sudden cliffs and the deep blue of its waters. Magic for the mood, the people and the air…

Every time I take a picture is a magic moment in which I stop being the person and become to feel like if I was light. Every time I take a picture I learn what it is that is important for me in photography, what it is that I pursue… Every picture is a challenge and a lesson for me to understand why I take that picture and not another one…

It’s funny feeling all the process. I sometimes seek the motion, some other times just the emotions… In some cases I like the “frozen moment” that is happening around me and no one else can see, or the funny situation… and most of the times, what I like that makes me fall in love is simply light… the way it caresses the subject… how it slips in the darkness between two simple objects… I love being able to touch that light that is telling a tale…

I think that is why I don’t do much “posing” photography. I rather have my models acting on their own, interacting with me or with others, moving as they move… I may not be too good at conceptual photography but I’m already too amazed by the natural reactions of human beings that I don’t need to tell them what to do. I like catching an instant better…

And it’s funny…. I showed ALL my Ireland pictures to a few people and the ones that know me better get to appreciate the pictures I love…. maybe simple images with no secret (but whole worlds of sensations for me)… and some others look for the beautiful image.

Ireland is magic and wonderful and she helped me to grow as a photographer, once again another step, to understand I don’t pursue just the image…

Here you have a little selection of my favourite pictures. Of course most of them are in black&white and they may be not the best ones but I love them as my favourite babies for what they mean (nothing too special, just simple “moments of being”)

To start with, a train station. I was coming from a trip to Howth and stopped at Connolly station. Loved the light. I love taking pictures in stations, they hide hundreds of stories.
Cliffs next to the village of Howth. You could see them from a small path along the cape. Had to get out of the main path and get closer to the edge to get the picture. It was worth it^^
Huge and amazing trees at Powerscourt estate garden. If there was a person in this picture it would look very very small. It was really impressive and peaceful breathing the air in there… 
Back to Dublin. I have a little obsession with bookstores (as well as with books), specially since I discovered one of my favourite places in the world, the Shakespeare&Co in Paris. This one here looked pretty similar and it reminded me of its french mate^^
Right next to the bookstore you find Trinity college. Two statues welcome all visitors. This one was of the playwright Oliver Goldsmith. This picture is one of my favourites… The way the light caresses the textures, how it fades on every pleat and every window… Nothing special but I simply love it.
I was recommended to go to this place by a very special friend of mine. If I lived in Dublin I know I would take there to every single person I meet. Amazing tarts they do there!!
One of the things I’ve discovered: I love taking pictures of these restaurants, pubs, cafes where people is sitting next to the window. Stories, confessions and laugh we’ll never know about happen every single minute. They sit at the window without noticing they can be watched… and that way they look so natural and confident… 
I must admit I followed this man and took several pictures of him. At the beginning it was his suit and his particular walk what caught my attention. When crossing the street (it was red!!!! my nephew would have never let him cross!!) he stopped and stood there almost arguing with the car. In that very moment I saw that woman crossing, waiting for the right second to cross as if she was about to jump to a pool of frozen water. Looking around is a show too good to miss it.
I don’t take too many touristic pictures so it was funny visiting the statue of Molly Malone but that was it. I took my camera to take a picture of a woman taking a picture of the statue and this man, who was sitting next to the wheels playing traditional Irish music. When that man saw me, after the woman had taken her photograph, he came to me, started talking very fast telling I shouldn’t worry, he was going to pose for me to have a good picture… I started laughing of the situation but the man was very nice and after a few poses he told me I could check and listen to that traditional irish music on the internet, took a paper from his bag and wrote a website on it. Speechless… I didn’t expect it. The man was very nice (and talkative!!) If you happen to go to Dublin, go there and say “hi”^^
When you make a trip you more or less schedule your time and mark the visits you want to do. “more or less”. But the best moments are those unexpected situations (maybe like the previous one!) in which you had no idea about them but they become the best part of the trip. Walking through Merrion square (which, by the way, I liked better that St Stephen’s Green, I’m sorry, Merrion is more…. “wild” ^^) came across Dublin’s Soul Festival!! People sitting on the grass and wonderful music… not touristic but very “dubliner” so I rather enjoying that^^

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, my personal view and experience… If you want to see some others you can visit my Ireland album on my Facebook page.


About Emma Espejo

Graduated from English Philology in the University of Barcelona, I wanted to study a phd on Literature but ended dedicating my life to Photography. Full time teacher of English, and full time photographer (a passion can't be neglected). Working on my photography and making other people happy with my photographs makes me happy, as well as a good conversation, reading a good book and watching a good tv series. I'm a reader, dreamer, lover, photographer, writer, thinker... a little bit of everything.
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8 Responses to Finding out… in Ireland.

  1. antolin says:

    Hola Emma

    Hablas de tantas cosas… Todas ellas interesantes desde el punto de vista fotográfico pero también desde el punto de vista humano. Me resulta bastante llamativo leer a alguien que es capaz de teorizar sobre el acto de tomar una determinada fotografía. Qué busca, qué persigue, qué intencionalidad tiene… Me gusta la parte en la que dices que no sueles hacer “posar” al modelo, estoy de acuerdo porque entre otras cosas, como ya sabemos, si haces posar al modelo el que sale en la foto eres tú y no él. Recuerdo las palabras de Cartier Bresson, refiriéndose a su faceta de retratista, “A veces disparas sólo para llenar un silencio, si el modelo es difícil se relaja… dices, muy bien, ya hemos terminado y cuando menos se lo espera: Bang!!!”

    Las obras de arte si son buenas, son autorretratos. Por eso ciertas fotos nos llegan más que otras, tienen algo de la persona que las creó, cómo debía de sentirse aquel día, se encontraba o no a gusto donde estaba y con lo que estaba haciendo…

    Viendo estas fotografías me da la impresión de que supiste diluirte en lo que te rodeaba, y al mismo tiempo estar receptiva y alerta para plasmar de una forma personal lo que querías contar y cómo querías describir la escena. Supiste dejar que las fotografías te encontraran a ti en lugar de buscarlas tú a ellas.

    A veces he tenido esa sensación, que la fotografía se me brindaba sin buscarla, sin querer buscarla. hace dos días me ocurrió con esta foto: de camino al trabajo,por la mañana muy pronto, simplemente giré una esquina y ahí estaba… click!



    • Emma Espejo says:

      Hola Antolín! Gracias por tu comentario! Me han encantado tus palabras.
      Me has hecho recordar una frase que siempre he intentado mantener pero que casi había olvidado: “All photographs are selfportraits”… y es que una fotografía no es más que lo que vemos y cómo lo vemos… de ahí, un autoretrato de nuestra propia personalidad.

      Me ha gustado mucho tu fotografía, gracias por compartirla! Sin duda se nota que es uno de esos momentos en que miras y ves una escena especial, que te toca y te conmueve… Y como buen fotógrafo necesitabas hacer ese “click”… es realmente especial…
      un saludo!! 🙂

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  3. I loved your work…I want to comment on every post but let me sum it up by saying every post i see is more deep than the previous. Just stunning shots!!!
    I wish I can become a professional photographer some day. I am gonna keep coming back to ur site!! just beautiful!

    • Emma Espejo says:

      Thank you VERY MUCH!!! We’re so glad you’re enjoying the blog!! Your words mean a lot to us!
      Keep working on your photography, it’s a long way and the first step is getting to know your voice in photography, but don’t worry, if it’s what you really want you can do it!
      Thanks again and see you around!! ^^

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