Une agréable surprise à Barcelone.

Meeting with other photographers helps me to get to know new perspectives of photography. It helps me to understand what is it that they look for, what is that they want to do or achieve and even what is their vision of photography and possibilities. Most of them talk about their own field with such a confidence that makes me learn a lot about each one of them, and what for some seems pretty natural and organic, for others it’s what they don’t want to do. Being a self-taught photographer that is the best way to learn.

But, most importantly, meeting with other photographers is the greatest opportunity to, basically, meet other photographers, meet new people and, in the end, making great friends.

Last week Valérie Rochet, a photographer based in Paris, was staying at a village close to Barcelona. She wrote me and we met. Isn’t that easy? It is, and what it seems such a simple step it becomes in a great time spent with an amazing person.

Valérie showed me, again, how nice is looking at my city, my own streets, without the “work mood”, looking at every single detail that skips my sight when my mind is too focused in other things. It made me revisit it and revisit once again my places, my street, to show them to her. It reminded me how beautiful and touchable photography is, how magic a camera is…  how many possibilities I have.

It’s funny because the photographers I get more in contact with are those from other countries. I can see a difference between Spanish people and photographers and while it all seems too difficult to me while being here…. everything seems to easy being there…

(as black&white lovers, I had to go back to b&w to take these pictures but working with colour and pretty happy with the results, I had to keep one in colour^^)

Valérie gave me a very nice and needed perspective I always try to keep in my head but which seemed I had forgotten, something I really need now, living one of the toughest periods of my life. Meeting beautiful people like this makes…. well… the word is “happy”… Meeting beautiful and inspiring people like this makes me happy 🙂


About Emma Espejo

Graduated from English Philology in the University of Barcelona, I wanted to study a phd on Literature but ended dedicating my life to Photography. Full time teacher of English, and full time photographer (a passion can't be neglected). Working on my photography and making other people happy with my photographs makes me happy, as well as a good conversation, reading a good book and watching a good tv series. I'm a reader, dreamer, lover, photographer, writer, thinker... a little bit of everything.
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