MIRRORS: Josep Fonti.

1989, L’Escala (Girona, Spain) Actualmente: Barcelona (Spain)

  • Who are you?

It’s a very difficult question… Perhaps “Josep Fonti” is the answer that gets closer to reality.

  • What is it that took you to see the world through a lens?

I ask my first camera when I was seven and I think it was by imitation. My father was an amateur photographers and I could always see him with a camera. It was my dad who made me look at the world through a lens.

  • What do you write between lines?

I didn’t want to tell anything special through my photography at the moment. I think the message creates itself, it’s created by every single reader who reads the image.

When I see an image I like I feel something very pleasant. That “something” is what I’d like to make people feel with my pictures but I’m aware how difficult that is.

  • What can we see in your mirror? 

When I look at the world (with or without a camera) I see a range of endless possibilities which grows day after day. Because there’re millions of people, moments, changing lights, places… And there must be a lot of things which have been created already, but there’re many to be created yet. The key is knowing how to choose among all those possibilities, make them coincide and then, shoot.

  • Define you in 5 words. 

CURIOSITY: I think everything I learnt was thanks to my curiosity or thanks to the curiosity of someone who knows a lot more than I do.

DOUBT: I doubt a lot and it’s hard for me to make decisions. Although I think that doubting helps me to think carefully. I learnt a lot while doubting.

LONELINESS: I like to be alone. I rarely get bored being on my own.

CALM: I’m lively but not nervous. I usually take things very calmly.  And I’m slow but I always try to do things right. I don’t like the feeling after doing something fast and wrong.

LAZINESS: It’s my main enemy. My days are full of extreme laziness and extreme productivity. I always try to do useful things, as tiny or simple as they might be. When I see I’m wasting my time or that I’m not in the mood I tend to think about something the poet Joan Maragall wrote: “Guerra a la mandra” (“War to laziness”)

  • Define you in 5 pictures.

  • Tell us the quotes that describe you best. 

This doesn’t describe me but it’s something I’m always searching:

“Discretion, geometry, elegance and calm” Enrique Vila-Matas, Exploradores del abismo (Explorers of the abyss)

  • Recommend us a photographer.

Duane Michals, Arno Rafael Minkkinen, William Klein, Michel Szulc-Krryzanowski …

  • Your motto?

This is not a motto, nor I can say it’s mine, but my cousins and I say it a lot “One should do things”

  • Where can we see you?


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