The 21st century in images

I am a passionate reader of French quarterly revue XXI. It’s a greatly interesting magazine about real journalism and reportages, a deep look into the themes proposed in every issue. I have been reading it since its very beginnings, travelling to France to look for it every three months (closeness to the French border allows these trips to be made easily and quite more often than that, I feel so lucky) and then decided to subscribe. It was love at first sight, or better at first reading. Eventually a magazine and articles that dug into the subjects, a journalism not limiting itself to the “hot” news but going beyond and further. A challenge against speed, internet and television. A step back to reflection, slowness and real thought.

A new project was born in March: 6 Mois. A new challenge, this time entirely dedicated to photography and more precisely to photojournalism. 350 pages with 800 photographs from all over the world, covering the most diverse themes with the same look that made XXI the great magazine that is.  And as XXI no advertisements of any sort. Which is something courageous and highly admirable in times of soul sales.

La photographie et le journalisme ont changé. Alors nous avons imaginé 6 Mois, pour refonder le lien entre le journalisme et la photo, renouer le pacte entre le lecteur et les photographes, trouver le point de rencontre entre l’appétit du public et l’énergie parfois stupéfiante des auteurs. Les repères qui nous guident sont éternels : authenticité, pertinence, engagement. Il en faut du courage et de l’envie pour passer des semaines, des mois, parfois des années sur un sujet. Il en faut de l’exigence et de la patience.*

I confess I still don’t have the first issue, I’ve just subscribe to it. Without hesitation nor taking a first nosey look at its contents. I completely trust the XXI team, and from these premises I am sure it’s a great new project. I can’t wait for it to come into my mailbox, and leaf through its photographs, admiring the beauty and being inspired by the commitment of every piece of work.

[*Photography and journalism have changed. So we imagined 6 Mois to reestablish the link between journalism and photography, renew the pact between the reader and the photographers, find the meeting point between the public’s appetite and the authors’s sometimes surprising energy. The reference points that guide us are eternal: authenticity, relevance and commitment. It takes courage and passion to spend weeks, months, sometimes years on a subject. It takes urge and patience.]


About Marta Favro

Full time employee in an online marketing agency, photographer and traveller (not necessary in that order). Graduated in English Literature. Passionate of long walks in the Nature, cats, books, music.
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