picture taken by marta favroFirst of all I want to say THANK YOU! a BIG HUGE THANK YOU!! To all the people who visited our blog yesterday AND today, to all the people who commented and liked it. THANK YOU to everybody that has been participating in The Lonely Walkers so far. THANK YOU to our readers, the ones who show up and those keeping their anonymity.  THANK YOU!

Thank you to Marta for being part of this team and for making it real.

(photo taken by marta favro)

Yesterday, I tried to comment every single comment you posted on our blog, individually, until I went to sleep (remember, I live in Spain) and this morning found a massive wave of comments and likes in my inbox. YOU made my day, it made my day yesterday and it made my day today. It was wonderful and amazing and SO inspiring reading every single of your comments. What can I say? I felt so much joy with your words, seeing you liked the pictures and cheering me up with my decision. It hasn’t been an easy one and it took hours and hours of frowning and tears trying to face I’m not a superwoman and I can’t do everything at the same time. This is what I erased with a wide smile telling myself “you’re going to be a photographer so you better do it now”

All your words inspired me at high levels. I felt many of you are feeling similar things and I want to tell you everything is possible if you do it with passion and if you really want to do it. All your words were received with a huge wave of inspiration. You inspired me.

I feel my words aren’t enough to express all the gratitude and joy I feel after such a reaction from you all. But take this warm and huge THANKS from the bottom of my heart.

So, as I said, all your comments inspired me not only to work on my current projects but also to tell you about them and share my experiences. Some of you asked about that and it’s something I already had in mind to do in my personal blog in my website ( which I’m still feeding to make it a big and gorgeous website (thanks to Jonathan Taphouse for making it real) but it was going to be in Spanish. Then I thought we could work on that here in The Lonely Walkers and save a place to narrate our experiences as photographers. It’s something I really appreciate when I find it in other photographers’ websites and since you asked we feel honoured to reply with our experiences. We’ll keep working on our project, interviewing artists, talking about books and photography but if you want to suggest anything we’ll be more than happy reading your suggestions and questions. Feel free to send them to

Thanks to WordPress for promoting our blog, thanks to all the visitors since then and thanks to all the visitors since the very first day this project was born.

You can also find us in our photographic project The Lonely Walkers (on tumblr), Facebook and Twitter!!

And, since I’m very excited in this new journey, I invite you all to grab a sit and take a glass of red wine in my personal place, sorry it’s a little bit messy, I’m still painting the walls 😉

Emma Espejo

OH! and THANKS for the more than 5000 views in 24hours!!!


picture taken by emma espejo

When we started one year ago neither Emma nor I could ever imagine the great feedback we’ve been receiving in the last two days.  I remember talking with her about how difficult it was to take good pictures our own cities and the need of constant practice to improve our technique and personal styles, and my proposal to start a photographic project to keep up the work and remain focused on photography. In the course of months The Lonely Walkers project has grown and developed into something more than just a photographic story of our birthplaces. And in the meantime our lives and careers of photographers have been evolving as well.

(photo taken by emma espejo)

It’s been a year of hard work, trying to find a unique voice and a direction to all the ideas we had in mind, and most of all trying to make private, professional and desired lives fit all in one. Some important decisions were made, doubts have sometimes clouded our days, unexpected works have been proposed, and new collaborations have started. We have met beautiful and inspiring people along the way and we hope to meet many others in the coming months and years. A tiny idea can grow and transform into a great journey, and we are extremely happy to travel along this path.

Our surprise and joy were enormous yesterday, when we saw one of Emma’s posts in WordPress Freshly Pressed page. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for all the comments and subscription we have been receiving, and forgive us if we can’t reply personally to each one of you! Your words and support mean so much to us, they are a source of inspiration to keep up the work and develop new projects and ideas.

So from the bottom of our hearts we really thank you very very much, and we hope you’ll come back and visit us soon.

Marta Favro

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2 Responses to THANK YOU!

  1. Berlin says:

    Felicidades por este reconocimiento tan merecido. Disfrutad de este momento que es vuestro. Gracias a vosotras por enseñar vuestro talento al mundo 🙂

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