The Lonely Doctors: Saturday

We introduce a new collaboration with Marta and Ines, authors of DrRead Good, a blog about English literature for catalan readers. You’ll find them in The Lonely Walkers, too, talking about their favourite books in our Fridays are for readers. The new project starts by creating the perfect image, the perfect cover for a book. It’llbe originally published in their blog but we’ll post them here for our readers, too. We hope you enjoy it and if you want, don’t hesitate to suggest your perfect covers of your favourite books, we’d love to see your ideas.


It’s been a long time that I’ve been thinking about mixing literature and photography, my two passions, and this has always created different projects where I looked for the narrative point of view and the differences and similarities in which to portray the world in these two arts. When I talked to Marta to collaborate with our projects I felt including photographs to a blog about books as a challenge. What could I do? Where do we find images in books but in our heads when we create some of our perfect dreams, our most immaterial fears and where we imagine the perfect colour for that afternoon light from that book we love so much? Which is the role of the “material” image in a novel? Marta knew: Creating the “essence” of a book in an image. Right then I though “that’s the cover, isn’t it?” So this is the idea of our new iniciative: finding the perfect image, the essence of a story, what it talks about, the perfect cover.

From among all the books that have been treated in DrReadGood’s blog, there is one that has always… how to say this?… “annoyed” me, regarding its cover. I’ve never found any sense to the pictures used in Ian McEwan’s novel, Saturday, mainly depicted by a common London street at night. It’s very nice but, as a photographer, I look for something else and this one tells me nothing. Maybe the main topic is the BT tower as a symbole for communication (or lack of it)? I don’t know. But it doesn’t surely show a personal or human feeling. I think Saturday is like life itself, it talks about people. One person and one specific day as it could be any other. When I decided I’d do its cover an image came to my head, immediately, and I had to do it.

A person in a crowd, an individual in which we focus our attention to tell his story, a voice we let it speak among all the noise. One among many. As well as the title talks about a specific day, as it could be any other, but as it talks about Henry Perowne, the story takes place on a Saturday. On the other hand, that Saturday McEwan talks about, will always  be remembered by the multitudinous demonstrations around the world against the war in Iraq. Thousands of people joined to create a voice to fight against what was happening in the world.

Communication, individuality, a man in a crowd with his story (and history) and singularity, these are the elements I chose to be depicted in this image, this Saturday McEwan talks about, in a novel which is the perfect excuse to talk about doubts, family, communication and the fact that we are one among many.


About Emma Espejo

Graduated from English Philology in the University of Barcelona, I wanted to study a phd on Literature but ended dedicating my life to Photography. Full time teacher of English, and full time photographer (a passion can't be neglected). Working on my photography and making other people happy with my photographs makes me happy, as well as a good conversation, reading a good book and watching a good tv series. I'm a reader, dreamer, lover, photographer, writer, thinker... a little bit of everything.
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