Sunday Smile

And again, we are honoured to present a new collaboration with The Lonely Walkers. This time, Irene Martinez, a great friend and author of the blog People Born of Sound where she talks about the songs she likes and the ones she finds out; she talks about what they mean and what she feels from them. This time she presented “Sunday Smile” by Beirut, one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite groups…

a “Sunday Smile, we wore it for a while.”…


(this video is a sample to show their tendency to play in the street, which makes their music even more special. The quality of the sound and the video is not very good so we’re adding another video under the text.)

Sunday Smile is one of those songs that captivate you from the first time you listen to it. It’s impossible not falling in love with that paused and delicate melody, almost like a waltz, which talks about love, life and those moments, and how ephemeral they are… Quoting the great Six Feet Under “Everything. Everyone. Everywhere. Ends.” And the Sunday smile is like the memory of those moments you spend with someone, with whom you would have paused time and you would have sung; like those moments of happiness before everything collapsed, before you had to leave or witness your departure. The Sunday smile, like the way to that train station which will separate you from each other; or the apartment’s door that closes when there was only light between your skins.

A beautiful song that starts with a declaration of intention: “All I want is the best for our lives my dear, and you know my wishes are sincere.”

Enjoy it!!


About Irene Martínez

As the music enthusiast I am, a good song moves me deeply. I love politically committed lyrics, the ones that talk about passions, about feelings or the inner world of somebody ... As the psychologist I am, or that's what a piece of paper says, I can't help feeling the irrepressible curiosity of getting immersed in the inner world of the person who creates those sounds that come to my ears ... I belong to the people born of sound.
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