Fotomessen Oslo

We’re back in the new year like every Thursday to write about and signal you events and exhibitions about photography.

This week we’re flying again up in the North, to Norway, but not for only an exhibition. This time we’re recommending a photo fair: Fotomessen Oslo, from January 14 to 16 2011.

Fotomessen is Northen Europe’s largest photo trade fair and has a long tradition in Sweden where it always attracted a large audience. It also offers exciting photographic exhibitions, both of Norwegian and international photographers, and interesting seminars giving you the opportunity to learn more not only about photography but also about technology.

We hope that everyone who is interested in photography will visit the fair. The fair is not only for those who can shoot. You are sure to go away with new inspiration to shoot more.*

These are project manager Jonas Lemberg’s promising words about Fotomessen, and we both wish we could jump on a plane and – despite the biting cold –  be there to attend the fair and be inspired.

So if you live in Nordic countries or are willing to extend your holidays for a little bit more and are looking for interesting ideas for what to do, don’t miss Fotomessen in Oslo. And if you wish, let us know your comments about it!

*translated from Norwegian by Marta. Here’s the original quote: “Vi ønsker at alle som er fotointeressert, skal besøke messen. Messen er ikke bare for dem som kan fotografere. Du kommer garantert til å gå herfra med ny inspirasjon til å fotografere mer.”

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