Alessio & Stefania

Saturday December 4 was a perfect day. The sun shone brilliantly in the sky, where no clouds hid its deep blue. There was snow here and there, brown, green, blue and white played together and created a perfect scenery for the wedding of a young but very in love couple.

The venue was a small and intimate chapel in a very small village. Few were the guests. Great was the joy.

I was there to celebrate with this beautiful couple their day, and – as I have already written in a previous post – I accepted the challenge to photograph their wedding.

I do not particularly like to be a wedding photographer: the tension and everybody’s expectation are very high, and you have no time to think about your shots, especially during the ceremony or at the restaurant. All this combined with a brief experience in the field can generate even more tension.

One other thing that I don’t particularly like is that you have the feeling that your photos have only a “commercial” use, something you’re going to sell to clients, ad that will only be objects useful to remember a precise moment in somebody’s life. Photographs as materials.

Bu then you capture a smile and a look in their eyes. It’s like going beyond the surface, the skin, and dig down into the soul. At that particular moment you know your photo won’t be just a photo like many others. It’s not going to serve just to refresh their memory. It will make them smile and thrill. Even tears of joy may appear at the corner of their eyes.

I hope to give Alessio and Stefania a special gift for their beautiful souls with my photographs. I don’t know if I have been able to capture all these feelings and emotions in my shots, but I did it with my heart. I wish them every happiness and joy for this new life together.


About Marta Favro

Full time employee in an online marketing agency, photographer and traveller (not necessary in that order). Graduated in English Literature. Passionate of long walks in the Nature, cats, books, music.
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2 Responses to Alessio & Stefania

  1. cristinafra says:

    Muy buen trabajo, debes de sentirme muy orgullosa por ello.

  2. Marta Favro says:

    Muchas gracias Cristina por tu comentario! Estoy muy feliz por la estupenda ocasión que tuve y espero regalar una emoción a los novios. 🙂

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