Photography Exhibitions: Fashion!

Right after the “Fridays are for readers” series, we’re going to start here something we would call like a “Thursdays are for photographers ” series,  entirely dedicated to photography exhibitions all around the world.

We are not lucky enough to have the chance and the economical possibility to jump on a plane or a high speed train to go and see all the exhibitions we’re going to talk about, but we are sharing here with you what will strike our attention and the ones that are in our personal wish list.

So here comes the first.

Since it is snowing as I’m writing this post, I’m going to take you in the North: Stockholm, Fotografiska Museet. This museum is very young as it opened in May 2010, but it offers some of the most interesting exhibitions of contemporary photography, along with courses and workshops for both amateur and professional photographers.

Fashion! is one of the current exhibits (24 September – 2 January 2011), providing an overview of fashion photography from its early beginnings (dated back to the 1920s) to the present, and being based on the collection of Camera Work in Berlin. It features photographers such as Edward Steichen, Irving Penn, Helmut Newton, Russel James, Robert Nettarp and many other for you to (re-)discover.

If you’re around Stockholm, don’t miss this chance to visit this museum. And if you see it, let us know your impressions and comments about it. Or just share your wish list with us, we’re always curious to know what’s interesting out there in the world of photography.

Marta Favro

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