My photos are about people.

I’m a portrait photographer. I can’t help it.

I’ve read so many articles and interviews to many photographers in which they say their opinion on different fields on photography, saying which one is better or which one expresses a deeper feeling. I think that if one is a photographer is not just a photographer… you need to see pictures to “take” them.

I see pictures on people. Or I see people in my pictures…

It’s funny that the first thing I think when knowing someone is “how may his/her eyes look on a picture?” I’ve even thought about asking a stranger on the metro to take photos of him or her… I fall in love with people when I see them, so much, that I want to take pictures of them. So I guess that that doesn’t make me just a photographer but a people photographer…

One of the things that make me most happy is being able to talk to them, laughing with them and get to know them a little bit. Tell them not to worry about my camera, it’s just me behind. I want them to feel relax and natural… the most comfortable they can. So that’s why I don’t look too much for a pose, I want the essence of that person and I can’t guide too much on that. I just want them to look at me and be honest to themselves.

Last weekend, I had the chance to meet this great group of women working for a association of some friends of mine. They asked me to take some photographs of them and there I was! (challenge accepted!). They had given a course to women on how to take care of old people, and I was there taking pictures of them. At the beginning I was just taking some shots but soon after they took me as a member of their group. I was just photographing and they invited me to form part of that moment in their lives, to share and be part of that family they had created in that room. They laughed, talked to me, hugged me and kept laughing with those beautiful smiles of theirs… and that wonderful sense of humour. I had already fallen in love with them when I asked them to pose for me. We had started to know each other already so I said “feel yourself, it’s just me taking the photo so don’t worry about this, you’re already beautiful” And I took beautiful pictures of beautiful, smiling, loving and wonderful women…

Being able to do this… being able to meet people, to get to know them, to know part of their lives and see how they face them, that makes me happy. Having them looking at me with their most honest and sincere look fills me with joy.

So here you have a group a wonderful and loving women, they deserve a place here.

(photos by Emma Espejo for For+)

Emma Espejo

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6 Responses to My photos are about people.

  1. cristinafra says:

    Me ha encantado tu reportaje escrito y tus fotos, dicen mucho esas miradas

  2. Pere Nadal says:

    Emmaa!! Ens encanten les fotos! Veig que t’ho vas passar bé, eh? Ja sabia que t’agradaria, a mi em van enamorar aquestes dones també. No paraven de riure, oi?
    Moltes gràcies per tot, anem parlant!

    • Pere!! Merci!!^^ me n’alegro molt que us agradin! M’ho vaig passar molt bé, em van enamorar, són totes un encant. Ja podeu comptar amb mi per aquestes cosetes que és un plaer treballar amb gent tan maca 😉

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