Fridays are for readers

So it’s friday! You may be looking forward to the weekend to go out, ore maybe relax, or get on a train with unknown destination. Perhaps you just want to enjoy some time on your own, a nice walk, some photos, a coffee/tea somewhere hidden (or not) and a good reading…

The lonely walkers wants to use fridays to suggest some readings. Essays on photography, novels, photography books, graphic novels, essays on other things… anything!!

And we want to hear your suggestions, too!! So feel free to leave a comment here or on our facebook page

TODAY The lonely walkers suggests:

Susan Sontag, On Photography.

“The photographer was thought to be an acute but non-interfering observer—a scribe, not a poet. But as people quickly discovered that nobody takes the same picture of the same thing, the supposition that cameras furnish an impersonal, objective image yielded to the fact that photographs are evidence not only of what’s there but of what an individual sees, not just a record but an evaluation of the world.”

Enjoy the reading!

Emma Espejo

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3 Responses to Fridays are for readers

  1. You are so right, Friday is for readers……I stay up for hours reading on Friday nights… work the next day and usually no other obligations on lazy Saturdays/Sundays so I can sleep in the next day 🙂

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