Colours are Joy

I’m listening to Giovanni Allevi’s album Joy while writing this post. It is the best soundtrack after a long working day and for thinking about photography, my own vision of it.

I never tend to describe or conceptualize too much my photography, probably because I consider myself a beginner (and I am) and I am still trying to figure out my own style. But if I had to define it I would say that the word joy perfectly describes what I feel when shooting nature – which is my great passion.

Some months ago I was talking with a friend of mine and we were comparing our photographs, discussing about the main focus of interest, what we were looking for when taking a picture. Where she looks for lines, shapes, geometries and contrasts I look for lights, colours, tones and shades.

I definitely look for beauty, harmony and silence. Not in that order and not even aspiring for universal concepts. I photograph a feeling, what I am most looking for in my life. Many of my photos could easily be made into postcards, but even the most “picturesque” ones hide a sensation, a fleeting instant of the soul. It is my means to catch a dream, a feeling, and make it real.

When photographing nature I very often shoot in colours, I would find very hard to eliminate them. I’m in love with colours, how they play and transform with light. I disappear in the landscape and become one with all its elements. Colours are joy for me. And I chase joy in my photographs.

Marta Favro

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