Troubles, nice surprises, music and photos.

Today I was going to talk about something different. I’ve been preparing a post about Marta, our days together in Barcelona and Torino last summer, friendship…,  and choosing some of the photos I took of her, it’s been a bit difficult to pick them all because of problems with Lightroom (this work is so nice except when you face a silly tiny problem that doesn’t let you go on… really stupid and annoying…) and afterwards I found myself immersed in the “website-creating” world which has been…… no words……. I just can’t thank my friend Sergio enough for his help…

So, yes… this work is beautiful, it’s great being able to do what you like and enjoying this much, but sometimes it isn’t just “easy” doing everything on your own… So I spent the whole weekend trying to solve all these problems (they attack me from diferent sides!)

And this was me trying to write a nice post with nice portraits of Marta but after all the mess I’m really tired…

but then I got this email…

“Emma! I’ve finally answered the interview! At last! It’s been an intense process in which I didn’t expect to know me better. The truth is that there are issues that you think you know and you don’t question them too much. Your interview made me get a little bit in my inner self, more than I’m used to. So thanks for helping me to investigate about myself. I’ve answered calmly, a little bit everyday, like the one who “tastes” a book, little by little, to make it last longer and to understand it better. (…)

This email made my day… it made my whole weekend (as well as Sergio’s aid!). Needless to say I loved the answers (Will upload Janira’s interview very soon.)
I’ve been sending proposals to interview my favourite photographers and friends for the “Mirrors” project, got this answer and made me the happiest person ever. Not only is the project getting shape, but I could feel those questions got somewhere where we wanted to go at the very beginning when thought about this. It’s been a little bit “hard” (that’s not the word anyway) to explain the feeling we want to get and what we want to achieve, like it’s nothing “personal” but we want everyone to join. And having someone telling us this. It’s just the same feeling you get when you see you’re going the right way, and I’m getting that feeling very often lately. It’s nice ^^
And to make this post a little bit nicer… I invite you to participate in my Monday. Two of the pics I’ve processed today, and the music I’ve been listening to the whole day (new discovery, this guy!)
Emma Espejo
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