Wedding photography: challenge accepted!

December 4th. My cousin is getting married and she and her husband-to-be asked me if I could photograph their wedding. Obviously, my first reaction was one of great joy and enthusiasm. Then the second was that of tension and anxiety – no shame on admitting it.

This will be my second wedding as a photographer and I’m so excited and worried at the same time. My first experience was this summer for a friend who was so kind to ask me and who had seen just a few photos of mine… all naturalistic and no portraits!

I am always thrilled to accept a new challenge, especially when it comes to photography. So here I am again, reading blogs and tips about shooting a marriage, thinking how I can use my little equipment at its best, looking for inspiration and trying to develop a unique style, looking at tons of wedding pics… and of course practising and practising.

I’m going to be tense and nervous until the key moment: the exchange of the wedding rings. This is the shot that I fear the most, the one you cannot miss (and I’m sure a lot of photographers out here fear as well).

Instead, the best part is after the ceremony: the newlyweds, me and the camera free to create beautiful photos. But from my very limited experience and talking with other photographers, I’m always quite disappointed on how much every couple tend to expect very classical photographs, conceding very little to artistic creation. This is a challenge for the photographer, who needs to balance the expectations of the couple (it’s their day) and his or her artistic desires. I believe it’s up to the photographer to make the couple feel comfortable and create a kind of relationship that will satisfy both parts. If the final product is good, then I think there’s room for every idea. And I hope to be able to do such a good job.

I am so excited and eager to learn more and more, and for that day and all the days after to come. Challenge accepted!

Marta Favro

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2 Responses to Wedding photography: challenge accepted!

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  2. You may want to ask your wedding photographer if you can purchase or have a CD or DVD of the original photographs, or the original negatives if the photos were taken on film. This will make it easier for you to make extra prints in the future.

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