We make a call!

The Lonely Walkers started as a photographic project on our tumblr and now it has become a project reaching other fields and giving voice to other photographers. We’d love you to join us and give us your point of view of the world and of your world, whatever it is, whatever your style is. We’d love to know you, to know who you are and what you have to say.

This project was born with the idea of linking different visions from all around the world, linking photographers, making them discover each other and maybe themselves as well. No matter the distance, we don’t believe in that, we live in different countries and still we are great friends.

As a further achievement we want to link photography with literature so we are going to be photographers and writers here. If you decide to join you’ll be constantly updated on all our projects (you can follow us on facebook and twitter ) and, as well as you’ll get to know new photographers or writers, others will get to know you, and who knows! You may find someone very interesting at the other side of the world!

So, in order to keep growing on this project and to make you participate, we want to invite you to come over and leave a mark. First of all, we invite you to visit our Blog where we leave our thoughts about whatever that comes to our mind, thinking about photography, art, ourselves, our passions and whatever that inspires us. Then, we’d LOVE to hear your voice, so we’ve got some questions for you to answer freely. No wrong answer, we just want to know you and your vision.

Wanna join? Then you only have to tell us! Write us an email to thelonelywalkers@gmail.com and link your photography website so we can start knowing you. We’ll contact you with the interview we’ve prepared for you (you can visit the “MIRRORS” category to start reading other photographers and writers) and you’ll start being a “lonely walker”! Feels good?! 🙂

We really hope to hear from you, we’re looking forward to hear what you’ve got to say.

Enjoy the trip and be happy!

Emma Espejo & Marta Favro

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