sharing passions: Perfection

It is not a secret to anybody who knows me well that I’m a huge fan of Darren Hayes’ music. Another of my passions along with photography.

Yesterday I stumbled upon a video he made for the “It Gets Better” campaign: a project aiming to fight hate, intolerance and give hope to bullied teens.

I did love the video. No matter sexual orientation, skin colour, nationality, education, religious belief, age… everybody has felt for at least once in their life insecure and wrong. There will always be some aspects in our lives that will make us doubt of ourselves, and that will stop us from moving forward, but these are challenges that will make us better people, that will help us understand and accept ourselves for who we really are, that will transform us into the wonderful human beings that we are.

It is a process of understanding, acceptance and forgiveness. Slow, solitary, and sometimes painful. But it gets better, as long as we keep on being faithful and believing in ourselves.

“You are beautiful. You are perfect just the way that you are.”

Marta Favro

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