Is Art alive?

Art doesn’t exist anymore.

That is what I think after a long and deep chat about Art. Art as we know it doesn’t exist anymore or, at least, not its production. I believe Art has some value. It’s someone’s soul poured on a canvas, someone’s look reflected on a photography, and someone’s feelings on his/her music… Art is just the means to empty yourself a little bit because you’re feeling so much you can’t stand it.

But then I’m sitting on this chair, on this room, in a class about Thomas Mann, part of the master about Arts that I’m taking, and we end talking about Art (yes, supossed to be with capital A) Then we start sort of a debate in class and I listen to my classmates. I’m kind of passive when receiving information so I like to listen before start participating, or getting as much information as I can (recently, a friend told me I suffer from Stendhal’s syndrome and I’m starting to believe it. People tend to feel annoyed when I don’t say a word when I’m actually loving something) so I can get to know the ground I’m standing on. It’s funny because we’ve discussed this issue a hundred times in my degree (always focusing on literature), but now I find myself with a bunch os historians of Art, journalists, artists, architects, economists, philosophers… and it’s funny to see their different perspectives. Of course the debate ends mentioning many theoreticians I don’t know so I remain in silence.

Someone says that, when she’s in a museum, she only stops and thinks about a painting when she knows the painter is “Someone”. Here I get really angry. Then, the professor says we should invest on education in order to get a good judgment (philosopher, I really like him) and the girl misunderstands him thinking education will provide the knowledge that the “X” guy is the “X” guy so you can stop and think about his painting in a museum.

Of course I don’t agree!

Everybody who knows me well know I’m against all the “snobbish”, “coolish” and nonsense idea of Art. Talking about someone as an artist just sucking up to him/her is disgusting. Feeding those delusions of grandeur of some makes me sad when it’s supossed to unite many visions. The current idea of Art being so alternative, critical and different from the main stream when actually the main stream is doing exactly that… I don’t get it!

Art is feeling. Not only the feeling itself but feeling it.

It seems now we’ve transformed “Art” into “experimental-breaking the rules” projects from which we can discuss about morality and get into a “state of shock”… but is that really Art? It’s interesting from a anthropological point of view but I don’t really feel it as Art. (i.e. Damien Hirst)

Art is not Art because many people say so, nor because the crowd follow it or because it’s expensive. There are many unknown artists that have a normal life job and express what they feel in their way of living, in their music, in their photography… just doing it because they feel it. And I know a few…

So I left the room thinking “Art doesn’t exist anymore because we changed it”

Call it “evolution”? (is everything invented?)

Emma Espejo

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