In the movie “The Winter Guest” there’s a scene that I particularly love, when Frances (played by Emma Thompson) says to her mother that the camera she is holding in her hands sees what she wants it to see.

The camera is a means to reflect and express our own vision, not just a cold and objective tool (which in itself it is), but a part of the photographer, an extension of the eye and the thought, and the finger pressing the button the mechanical act immortalizing the scene we are perceiving.

I like to think of photography as a mirror: what we reflect in our photographs is a reflection of how we see the world. An endless game of reflections, from the photographer’s vision to the spectator’s, light passing through lenses, fixing and at the same time transforming itself into infinite interpretations.

It’s a vision Emma and I share and that have been talking about a lot, and it is slowly evolving. It’s The Lonely Walkers photo project, and the project of this blog too, our own means to tell and share our visions not only of our cities, but of the world as well. It is a means to reflect (this verb again…) on photography, to confront ourselves with one another and with all of you people out there, to discover new visions.

More ideas and visions will come soon, we do hope you’ll join us.


Marta Favro

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