travelling is another way to learn about life.

This is what many people say. And this is definitely what I feel.

Those who know me know that I have this sort of love/hate relationship with my own city, and that’s why I’ve always imagined myself living somewhere else in the future. Will that happen? who knows! But till that day comes, if it comes, I love visiting new places, new and old ones, walking those landscapes I’d love to photograph, even imagine my life there and deciding if that would be a good place for me to live in (till now it’s been only one winner^^).

And besides that, I have the chance to know other cultures, new people, always interesting people. And then I’m able to know my own culture and the city I live in. It’s been only through my foreign friends’ sight that I start to know and to love my city, Barcelona.

For me, The Lonely Walkers project is a way to discover Marta’s vision of Barcelona, my vision of Turin and our vision of our cities, which helps us to discover so many things about them and, also, about ourselves.

I will talk about them in another post soon, separately, because each city has her own personality. But now… wanna join me on an imaginary trip?

Emma Espejo




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