One creates his or her own style by inspiration. By copying others, one gets his or her own voice. I remember having this in mind since I was very young and started to write.

Actually, I didn’t even know who I could copy because I didn’t feel really identified with anyone I knew by then.

But little by little I have found my own voice, not copying but looking at others (and through others’ eyes and words.)

It’s not that I copy but I found out how to express all the things inside me. I see a photograph by someone I love or by a stranger, and I can see me. I read a text by my favourite authors or just a text that touches me, and I can read me. Because I am there. Because they teach me to understand what I feel and to create…

” ‘What matters is to look. But people don’t look. Most of them don’t look. They press the button… They identify. But to seek the meaning… Beyond this or this… Very few do it’

‘What does the eye seek out?’

‘It’s a question mark’

by Emma Espejo

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