Talk. Share.

As a photographer I was born naturalistic. I live in a village very close to the mountains, and I’ve spent most of my life exploring and walking through the surrounding woods. These places have also been my personal and peculiar gym, where I’ve been practising and learning the art of photography.  Most of my travels too have been to places where Nature is the real queen.

I love disappearing into the landscape. What has always attracted and fascinated me about photography is this particular feeling, of becoming one with what I am shooting at, melting into the place, into Nature itself. My breathing becomes the Nature’s, my hearbeat Hers.

That’s what I’m looking for in my photos, I’m chasing that fleeting instant, and trying to express it with the help of a camera.

When I started the TLW project I accepted a challenge with myself: taking photos of a city, the worst place ever for a photographer used to silence and solitude, taking her time to soak into the place, to become totally invisible.

First. In the city you can’t take all the time in the world to shoot. In some cases you can, you wait and look for the right moment to happen. But in most cases the “perfect” shot just comes and goes, and you have to be prepared and ready to press the magic button.

Second. People will inevitably look at you, and the smallest the town, the bigger the number of sideways looks. Walking through the streets of Torino, where people are NOT used to tourists at all and suspiciously stare at anybody who has a camera in their hands, has been causing me moments of real embarassment – even though I perfectly knew I was doing nothing wrong.

I am learning. It’s not so easy to re-create in a crowded place that feeling I’m always chasing, but I’m getting to know the city from a different perspective. I’m learning its language, its rules and codes. And I’m learning to become invisible here too.

I am very proud of a recent photograph I took in Barcelona, the last one I thought I could ever shoot: people sitting on a bench and talking. Ok, I admit I quite “stole” it as I went on walking and just shot without even looking into the camera, but still I did it. It’s something I don’t take for granted.

For as simple as it is, this photograph represent the challenge I accepted some months ago when it all began, when talking and sharing ideas with Emma.

Here it is for you.

Talk. Share.

Talk. Share. - Barcelona, Rambla Catalunya

Marta Favro

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4 Responses to Talk. Share.

  1. iheartfilm says:

    Great expressions on their faces.

  2. Thank you very much for your comment. 🙂

  3. Raymond says:

    So good the photography, the feelings, and the story. Impressive, very eloquent.

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