Unravelling Beauty

Finally rain has come. Autumn is slowly creeping in, biding its time, colouring the town with delicate tones of grey. I love Torino when it rains. The small puddles in the paved roads, people walking swiftly with their umbrellas, the ever present slight mist covering the town like a soft blanket.

The photograph in the header of this blog was taken in one of the old streets of Torino, on a rainy August afternoon, while walking with Emma and shooting for the TLW project. Her first time in town and me so happy to have rain. With the roads and buildings and people unravelling its discreet beauty.

Today as I left my office and was walking through the central streets, crossing Piazza San Carlo (my favourite place in town ever), I looked at the sky and smiled at the light little drops of rain falling from a leaden sky and thought how much I had missed the cold wind and dull weather, the joy of coming back home with cold hands and warming myself with a cup of hot tea.

More than anything else it’s a feeling, and that’s what I’m chasing in my photographs of Torino. Trying to catch that fleeting instant of beauty and emotion. And that’s the story behind the photograph right above, a love declaration to the wet old streets of my town, to rain and its colour shades (shades of grey I know, but BW is just superb in this conditions). And representing the TLW project, walking alone through our towns, letting them amaze us with sudden visions of grace, discovering them as it always were our first time there.

I have missed the rain. My camera is ready to shoot.

Marta Favro

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