Introducing the lonely walkers

Some years ago (almost a decade) two girls (Marta and Emma) met in the internet. They became friends very soon, that kind of friendship you shelter in when you need to talk about those “little tiny things that matter” about life. They were young (they still are) in that period where you start creating yourself and becoming the person you’ll be but that you don’t know yet. Lots of emails built the solid base of their friendship in which distance had nothing to do… it didn’t really matter one of them was in Turin (Italy) and the other in Barcelona (Spain). Many things happenned… each of them experienced many changes through the years and each of them witnessed the other’s changes. Doubts, dilemmas, problems, love stories, books, stories, different projects or ideas of projects, words, ideas, thoughts, wishes, hopes, cups of tea, more books… they shared as many things as someone can share with a person next to him/her… or even more…

They shared something, apart from everything, which was the basic core of their passions: Literature. They talked about books as they read them, adopting ideas to identify and enjoy little daily miracles. They tried to find their path in those words, creating their own.

After some years photography came to their lives, in different ways and with different voices. Marta started to look at nature through a lense, adding her love towards it, creating caresses out of landscapes. Emma found her narrative, the one she had been searching for years, portraying streets and describing people with light. Little by little they built a new way to express themselves, they found a new way to talk about things that mattered, they wondered about life (and wandered through life) and the world with their looks.

They had been planning to do something together for a long time, waiting for the right moment and the right idea to share and start the new company. Finally an idea arrived in fresh breathe of inspiration. Emma had started to write again in her Moleskine after years of having her ink silenced, and Marta was finding a new fresh wave of inspiration in her new life and her new perspective. Both had gone through tough experiences, but they became stronger and stronger as we all know that, if there is something good about bad times, is that you get the best of you after them. So they started to become the best of themselves.

Marta first suggested Emma to start a project from which “The Lonely Walkers” photography project was born. Two cities, two visions… After that they kept thinking about doing something related to photography and literature. Emma had thought about that and had failed achieving useless and nonsense projects mixing the two Arts, before. But Marta’s idea had come in the right moment (the place have never really mattered to them, actually). Polishing up the idea and thanks to the new “media” world, they decided to connect people through photography and literature. Marta’s world, connected to the internet and the thousands of connections in there was a source of inspiration, and Emma, leading her professional career towards Literature and Photography, kept insisting on the matter. Both achieved the idea of a new project, connecting people from all around the world, through photography and narratives.


We believe in the plurality of visions in this world and we think that sharing different perspectives of the world (out of our experiences) can draw a universal map of feelings, experiences, memories, places, etc.

We both are together in this adventure, we share the same goal with different perspectives, we are together in distance, walking lonely the streets of our cities, portraying places, drawing maps of people. We walk alone and lonely…

So we want to put all these feelings together to link people from all around the globe. We all may not know each other, but we surely feel very similar things, and we have the same (or a different) world in front of us, so we want to tell about it. And we want to start with this blog to witness the development of our project.

And to challenge again the idea of distance.

Emma Espejo and Marta Favro (authors of “The Lonely Walkers”)

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