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Winter enchantment

I love winter, and I love snow even more. What I love less is temperatures falling down to  -18°C, especially when it’s 8 am and I am ready to go out with my camera… though I perfectly know that without … Continue reading

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Giving in.

The last notes of song are lingering in the room, resonating in the heart. You have tried to keep your balance, hovering on a hedge between unknown shores and possibilities. Sometimes life gets in the middle, and you chase that … Continue reading

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A night stroll around Torino

No good resolutions, just acts. That’s my challenge for this newborn year. I started with the one thing that I lamented the most, of not having shot around my city a lot and consequently not enriched our The Lonely Walkers … Continue reading

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One year, ten photographs

I have always believed that in order to move forward you sometimes need to stop and look back at what you did, so to keep things in the right perspective and really become aware of the road you have travelled … Continue reading

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Fridays are for readers: Bristol Riots

It’s the weekend again and this week we would like to suggest you a photographic book, but a very special one: Bristol Riots. New technologies and the Internet have changed and are still changing our lives, and the way we … Continue reading

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Something went wrong… or maybe not?

December has come at last, soon it’ll be Christmas and the year will finally come to its end. Inevitably, we end up thinking back at what we did during all these months, whether we achieved our goals or – why … Continue reading

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Photography and evolution.

Far from talking about Apple products and promote them here on the blog (we love them so if the Apple people want to contact us to do so… ;) ) we wanted to talk about a change in photography. Because … Continue reading

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Success is a matter of joy

It’s almost the end of this tiring Monday (but tell me, which Monday isn’t tiring?), and I wanted to both end this day and start the new week with something that inspired me today. It’s no secret that Emma and … Continue reading

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Once, one of my teachers in university said that whenever she got into a house without books she felt there was something missing. That house lacked something. I agreed. The other day I was getting ready to leave and while … Continue reading

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Slow down

I’ve recently read an interesting article by wedding photographer Jose Villa about some advice for young photographers entering the business. I love Jose Villa‘s work, and I love his approach to photography, because it’s all about enjoying what you’re doing, … Continue reading

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