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Full time employee in an online marketing agency, photographer and traveller (not necessary in that order). Graduated in English Literature. Passionate of long walks in the Nature, cats, books, music.

Love and the smell of sea.

I will remember mostly two things of my recent trip to Barcelona: love and the smell of sea. I travelled to one of my dearest cities mainly to shoot a wedding with Emma. And what a wedding! I went there … Continue reading

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When I think of Barcelona, I think of family. I have been lucky enough to travel to Barcelona quite a few times, and not only discover this beautiful city , but also to meet and know splendid people who have … Continue reading

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Getting lost

Sometimes you just need to get lost in order to find your way again. And silence slowly becomes your most loyal companion in this strange journey with no map, or even destination. You walk, like through the street of a … Continue reading

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Sometimes you get stuck in a creative rut, or you simply have so many things spinning around your head that you can hardly focus on one single thing (I notice that the adverb simply acquires quite an ironic nuance in the … Continue reading

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Urban Photography: NY Through The Lens

I cherish very good memories of my only and (unlucky me) brief trip to New York City. This happened more than 10 years ago, yet I remember the awe and fascination of this great city as if it all happened … Continue reading

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It is one of those days you prefer to walk instead of jumping on a bus. I know I should run to catch a train, but I need to slow down, and so I take the longer road, but the … Continue reading

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Fridays are for Readers: An Imaginary Life

That was the book that made me discover Australian author David Malouf and as I read the very first lines I immediately feel in love with his writing and this novel. We are taken back to the Roman Empire, and … Continue reading

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An end, a beginning.

I look into the water and it’s like travelling through time and submerging in a parallel universe, where everything endlessly repeats itself yet adquires new meanings and nuances.  An instant. My end and my beginning, love exploding in all its … Continue reading

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Fridays are for Readers: Nocturnes

I must confess. Though it’s an internationally acclaimed writer, I have just recently discovered Kazuo Ishiguro’s books. I had bought one during my last trip to London in October, at Gatwick Airport while waiting to embark on the plane taking … Continue reading

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Street Photography: Sidewalktalk

It’s one of those days when you surf through the Net with no purpose, reading bits here and there, following one link after the other while checking your Twitter timeline to see if any one of your contacts has posted … Continue reading

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